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Does the Typhoon G w/ GoPro gimbal come with a case?

For those who may not have seen it yesterday…

A federal appeals court has shot down a rule requiring hobbyists to register their drones.

Appeals court judges in Washington, D.C. agreed on Friday with a drone enthusiast’s challenge to a FAA requirement that all hobbyists register their drones in a national database and pay a $5 fee. People who failed to comply with the regulations, intended to promote drone safety and help identify dangerous drone operators, risked fines and jail time.

The court found that the FAA’s drone registration rule, which debuted in Dec. 2015, conflicts with previous federal legislation from 2012 that said that the FAA lacks the authority to regulate “model aircraft.” The appeals court categorizes drones as model aircraft.

I am NOT a drone guy but bought this on craigs list. This thing is so easy to fly BUTTTTT its like a flying set of four lawnmowers. You better be clear of crowds. THIS IS A BIG DRONE!
Having said that it takes great video but battery only lasts like ten minutes tops. They are $100 a piece and claim 20 minutes fly time new.
I hope that helps.

No, it does not.

These are fantastic quads… supremely easy to fly and great for beginners… but be aware of the differences of the models:

  • Typhoon Q500 4K (NOT sold here)
  • Typhoon Q500+ (comes w 1080p camera)
  • Typhoon G (comes w gimbal that accommodates a GoPro 3 or 4, but not 5)

Check your local laws. We don’t want flyers to get Drone in jail…

Super confused here. I have a hero 4 Black and do not want to buy the wrong drone. Which one of these will accept my hero 4 black? Will it still come with another camera but does not shoot 4K? Please advise, thanks

I’m looking for a drone to fly how I imagine it will fly, not how my terrible skills command it to fly. Is this a great option for me? Oh! And with 4K video built in.

Will this fly is within a few miles of an airport? I’m about 15 miles from O’Hare airport and a few miles from a regional airport plus close to a forest preserve and several hospitals with helicopter landing squares.

Also, can I use a larger battery?

After hours of research I bought what I didn’t know I wanted on eBay for $299. Certified refurbished, but, meh!

I would think the price includes a case, but nowhere does it say that. Since the 500plus comes with a cgo2, and the g comes with a cgo3, and just an extra gimbel it would make sense the price includes a case, but if no one gives you a definite answer I would call customer service.

You can legally fly 5 miles from an airport.

I answered earlier. It does not come with a case.

The extra gimbal is for a go pro 3 or 4, and comes with another cgo3 camera and gimbal.

Sorry didn’t see. Really seems that the q500+ is the much better deal then.

Yes you can order higher amperage battery’s for longer flights.

If you can walk you should be able to pilot this drone with GPS on. You should practice a lot before you try with out GPS, it’s very fast(Mine hit 45mph w/o GPS) also you can’t just bring it home, it’s all you, so be very careful, and when you do fly w/o GPS you should do it on a still day, 1-2mph tops. Don’t worry how fast it goes, make sure you don’t have a fly away.