Yuneec Typhoon H or Pro RealSense Drone

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Yuneec Typhoon H or Pro RealSense Drone
Price: $389.99 - 589.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Does anyone know what am comes in the box?

From the “Specs” section…

In the Box (Brown Box):
Typhoon H Hexacopter

Yuneec YUNTYHSCUS-R Typhoon H Hexacopter
CGO3 + Gimbal 4K Camera
ST16 Remote Control
Drone Charger
Drone Power supply unit & Adapter

Typhoon H Hexacopter Pro w/ Real Sense

Yuneec YUNTYHBRUS-R Typhoon H Hexacopter Intel RealSense Technology
CGO3 + Gimbal 4K Camera
Drone ST16 Remote Control
Drone Charger
Drone Power supply unit & Adapter
Wizard Wand Remote Control
Typhoon H Soft Backpack with Foam insert
Two Batteries

This will sell out.

Is this one you can actually fly? Not one of those that can’t hover and takes off and you’ll never see it again


The Typhoon H isn’t a bad drone by any stretch, but I’d still save a little more and go with the DJI Mavic Pro versus one. It IS, however, a good price versus the DJI Spark.

Anyone have an opinion of it’s worth the extra $200 for the Pro with RealSense?

NM. I kind of answered my own question. The Pro comes with a case, an extra battery, and the Wizard. Buying each of those for the standard H would put you over the 200…

Sure, America should step up and adopt the metric system. However, since that hasn’t happened yet, could we please see specs listed in the American system of ounces, pounds, inches and so forth?

Plus it also comes with RealSense obstacle avoidance, which comes in handy.

Has same features and accessories as DJI mavic Air bundle but $400 cheaper and doesn’t require your phone. Larger yes but the arms fold up. I think I’m typing this to convince myself more than anyone :slight_smile:

The Yuneec customer service sucks so if you buy any of their products beware and buy the product insurance if available you may need it.

yes definitely worth it depending on your flying skills. if you never flew a drone before, you may definitely wanna have it.

for the points where you dont wanna interact with but still want it to follow and film you, it will need it to avoid obstacles around unless you are only gonna fly it in an open field or land.

I have been owning over 2 years, recently got 2018 model, which has more improved software, wifi and gps connectivity along with better intel software for the realsense avoidance.

I have used this drone and the yuneec q500 before moving into the drone inspection industry. This drone is GREAT for the price. We still use this on videography calls/photography sessions; and now that the government is restricting the DJI when doing industry stuff we lean more toward this for pictures and video. Check this link that Yuneec did for their video contest

here are some of my first videos from typhoon h pro:

under 200ft

400 feet up

That’s really cool. So, new to drones - do you have a real time view of what you’re recording? Or just get to see it in the end?

you have the real time video in the base station, which is the controller, is also an android tablet with Yuneecs software installed.

You can record, snap pictures and all sorts of things.

You can also connect the controller station to a monitor or tv and have streaming of the HD live video at the moment while flying your drone.

you mean like the last drone I got from woot? It was a EHANG GVRS2 Ghostdrone 2.0. Well, actually it took off, hovered, never responded to the controller and came down when the battery was depleted, tried to take off again and crashed (no damage).

Woot provided a full refund.

not one of those. You just need to make sure you follow the guideline.

check to see my review for better details:

once you buy it:
full charge the batteries on both remote and the drone.

make sure you calibrate the drone in an open space with no mobile phone or any other interference.

after calibration you will be good to go.

before you fly, make sure you have enough GPS/Satellite connection for both drone and the control station.

then you will be good to go.

I have used almost all the features, wizard takes time and practice to get used to it.

station controller has a lot of settings and options, I definitely advise you to practice a lot before you fly it away or take it to the high altitude.

these drones are commercial type of drone that they have lots of features and settings as well they are sensitive. for example of sensitivity, do not fly by or close by high voltage power lines, it will interfere your remote controller and drone connectivity, i have had some experience so just tellin you.

if you crash by that reason, they will not cover or honor the warranty because everything said in the manual you should and shouldn’t do.

both drone and controller stations keeps every flight record and mapping track, from coordinates to each command or button you push from drone to control station and control station to drone.

they will see where you had the crash, and they can tell from the coordinates where crash happened if there are power lines, airport or homes or buildings may cause interference.