Yuneec Typhoon H or Pro RealSense Drone

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Yuneec Typhoon H or Pro RealSense Drone
Price: $389.99 - 589.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, May 23 to Thursday, May 24) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4/6/2018 - $389.99 - 589.9

5/4/2018 - $529.99 (Woot Plus)
5/4/2018 - $529.99 (Woot Plus)

Not a bad deal. Picked one up the last time they had it. One battery does not look like it was refurbished (little scratches and the number 2 written on the case) but everything seems good and flies nice.
Refurbished saves you at least $200.
This model has been replaced by the H Plus, so finding new ones is getting harder.

Hello, you picked up the version with real-sense last time? How is the flight time, how many minutes? Have you had to use obstacle avoidance? How is live video range on the controller? Thank you. I can save $400 over Mavic Air bundle so very interested.

I bought one last time with the extra batteries. Only problem was the extra remote was missing. Didn’t send back as I had no way to prove it was missing from shipment. That said, the drone flies great and is VERY STABLE. Locks onto GPS and even my 10 year old can fly it. I get 15-18 minutes of flight with each battery. The only problem I have is with the gimbel/camera and I have to recalibrate it before flying. The horizon is off level or it shakes all over the place. Once I re-calibrate, turn off, and turn on…flies and takes video perfect. Remote displays video in real time. I have flown all the way up to 400ft and 2000 ft away. By using camera display, flew back with ease. The auto return to home works well also. So far I am pleased and glad I saved money.

(Tried flying inside. This this is pretty large so you need a very very very large room – a warehouse – or the downdraft from the props will give you issues. Without the GPS indoors, it requires steady operator.)

I bought one last time. Mine came without any documentation at all. But watching a few videos on youtube for initial startup and first flights made it easy. The Yuneec help line has a 75 minute wait time typically, but they do have a call back feature. Glad I saved the money buying it this way. Not as good as the DJI 4, but way cheaper and same capability. And the Backpack carry case is so great!

Got one last time.
VERY stable, I get over 15 minutes of flight time, but I never fly my batteries down to below 20-25%.
I have had no problems with camera shaking.
I have not had to/tried to use the obstacle avoidance.
Got about 1700 meters range before losing signal in a rural area.
This is NOTHING like a Mavic - the Typhoon H is huge, and its claim to fame is that it can fly with one motor/arm damaged. The Mavic possibly has better range.
Third party batteries for the Typhoon work well, and if you hunt around can be had for under US$60.
The Typhoon has retractable landing gear, and the camera can rotate/pan continuously 360 degrees; the Mavic (or for that matter the Phantom series) does not do this.
There is a third party website/app called UAVToolkit that lets you download and view the telemetry easily; much harder to do with a DJI product, IMHO.
The Typhoon controller (included) is huge, but it includes its own screen, which is bright; so you don’t have to buy/use your own tablet/phone like with the Mavic.
Happy to answer any other questions.

I got the RealSense one last time. Also comes with the newer remote, bag and supposed to have the extra battery. Mine only came with one battery, but woot made an accommodation for me since there were no more left.

If you test the drone inside without props it will do something funny with the motors.  This is well documented and just because it is expecting the resistance of props and the motors will click.  THIS IS NORMAL and does not hurt the motors and is not a defect.

Flies VERY stable outside.  Tried the obstacle avoidance, but where I was test flying, had a lot of trees and I think it drove the avoidance crazy.

Apparently the site is having issues with checkout, I wasn’t able to click the order button (would click it and nothing would happen). Tried my desktop, then phone, then laptop and all the same issue.

Called Woot and he admitted this a known issue since yesterday and that many people were having trouble ordering. (you think you would have put that somewhere on the site as a warning!?)

Anyway, went back to my computer and tried a different browser and was able to complete the order. The man on the phone refereed to me as “one of the lucky ones” when I told him it went through. GL all

Hey there, it’s been related to an update from a popular ad block software UBlock Origin. We’re working with them as we speak to get a fix for this. But yeah, it’s not a Woot website issue that affects everyone, it has something to do with their update.

Potential fixes until we get it fixed are changing browsers or going into incognito or private mode.

Not to turn this into a support thread, but my phone doesn’t have ublock and all browsers I tried are using ublock origin(including the one that it worked on). I will say that the browser it didn’t work on I have set to never remember information (like a permanent privacy mode) and the browser it did work runs with regular privacy (not in privacy mode).

We believe we’ve worked around the Ublock issue now. Yay! Let us know if you keep having issues.

Received my Pro today. Controller is DOA. :frowning:

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

For those looking for batteries you can get 2 for $84

30% order and 10% of two

Exact same thing happen with mine. Have RMA and shipped it back to Yuneec for repair. The drone looked in perfect shape (probably because the original owner never got to fly it due to the busted ST16 lol)

*edit, the problem was the wifi wouldn’t enable on the remote

You got the pro? Out of curiosity, did yours actually come with RealSense? I ordered the Realsense package and got SKU#YUNTYHBPUS-R which doesn’t appear to have RealSense.

You got the pro? Out of curiosity, did yours actually come with RealSense? I ordered the Realsense package and got SKU#YUNTYHBPUS-R which doesn’t appear to have RealSense. Do you recall what SKU was on your package?

Yes I did order and receive the Pro with RealSense and two batteries and the wizard remote. I used the original box to send it back RMA, but I do still have the cardboard wrap around thing, it says YUNTYHBRUS.