Yunmai Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Scale

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Yunmai Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Scale
Price: $39.99
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Seriously?! I just got this (ordered on Amazon this past Saturday!!). It was $69.99…had to use points to get it cheaper ($35) and free shipping with Prime. Did I come out ahead…flippin’ NO because I could’ve save my points for something, uh like, less scaley!!! Every. Single. Time. :frowning:

Available on Amazon for $39.95 plus free prime shipping… Also, it apparently doesn’t sync much info with Samsung health.

[MOD: different model. See below.]

Great scale. Have owned mine for 2 years, pairs with LG5 and my old Samsung phone easily. Great to get a snapshot of your health. App show where you are on range scales, allows you to set a target weight, graphs your progress.
I paid nearly full retail and found it the best value then so this is a smoking deal.

That’s the mini model which is made predominately of plastic and is much smaller. This model is mostly glass and metal, with a larger screen with a better resolution- thanks!

This is a different scale, but the funny thing is according to amazon it has all the same features.

Forget the scale. Where can I get that phone!

YAY! You’re not mad at us! At least, I don’t think so. :slight_smile:

I don’t have this particular scale, but another one that’s pretty similar, and the issue I always have is that it seems like weight is the only thing it reliably measures. The body composition analysis has returned the exact same figures for fat %, water mass, bone mass, etc… for all the time I’ve owned it, which can’t possibly be accurate given I’ve lost over 10 lbs since first acquiring. And yes, I have my feet across all four contact points.

Long story short, how can I know for sure that the BCA aspect of this scale will actually work as intended?

For those looking at FitBit integration. It isn’t perfect but it doesn’t totally suck. You can weigh yourself daily and not sync. It will remember a crazy amount on it’s own. To get the data to your phone, you gotta open and connect your phone to the scale using their own app. Then you need to open the Fitbit app. The issue here is it will then use only the LAST weigh in as the weight to put in and time stamp it the time you open the fitbit app. So if you weigh yourself daily, and don’t sync with Fitbit till every 5 days, you won’t have a history of those past days. Just a heads up.

This was exactly the information I needed. I love my fellow Wooters. Thank you!

I bought this earlier. When I stepped on the scale, my phone started screaming “ONE AT A TIME!”. It went straight to the trash.