YuuWaa 8GB USB Flash Drive with 50GB Online Storage

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YuuWaa 8GB USB Flash Drive with 50GB Online Storage [New] - $12.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Gemalto YuuWaa HWP117528B 8GB USB Flash Drive with 50GB Online Storage

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The YuuWaa page.

(Not really so bored tonight.)

Product website:


A 4 GB version by Gemalto Owner of YuuWaais on sale at sellout.woot.com… with 20GB of online storage for $7.99

Read Carefully: Online storage free of charge for 6 months

I’m not sure Woot should advertise 50GB online storage with this.

You have to pay for it after 6 months!

Otherwise would have been a nice deal. Seems overpriced for an 8GB flash drive.

Woot podcast was up before the item change and now it’s gone! What a world…

podcast link

50 GB on line storage … free of charge… (for 6 months)

oooh, kinda dissapointed. 17 dollars for 8 GB physical storage is too pricey for me. Free online storage is too easy to come by to make this a good deal.

This … is the flash drive you could be saving by using GEICO.

What are the read/write speeds on this drive?..

The 50GB is only free for 6 months? Lame.
What’s it cost after that, and what kind of speeds does the service offer?

Also: since when does el-ah-em-ee filter to “fakon”?

Where’s my w00t daily podcast?!!

Watch out if you’re a Comcast user due to your 250gb bandwidth limit.

Using their storage to upload the 50gb would use 1/5th of your available bandwidth by itself.

how much does it cost after six months?

At first I read this as a 50GB Flash drive…my excitement did not last long!:slight_smile:

Not bad,

Subscription fees, anyone?

Not too bad… Although the online storage isn’t even a consideration for me. Prefer keeping my sensitive data backed up on my own drives where I don’t have to pay a fee to 'em.

Where do you get 8gb flash drives everyday for less than 17.99?