Z BUDZ Bluetooth Noise Reducing Earbuds

Absolutely horrible.
Physically, they seem to be especially well-made - solid, light, and comfortable, with no rattling parts inside or anything like that.
However, in function, every few seconds, seemingly influenced by background noise, they snap the volume to inaudible and then gradually turn it back up to listening level. It is impossible to carry on a conversation with them, and music listening is intolerable.

Oh yuck, that sounds awful. I’m really sorry these headphones aren’t working out for you. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance. We have a new hassle free return policy :slight_smile:

I bought two pair of these. My son bought another set for himself. Battery is not long lasting, sound is not great; however, the design is good and they work. My son used his every day constantly and his came apart after a month. The other two pairs, with light, occasional use (two maybe four times a week), are still going strong for months now.
Cheaper on amazon

[MOD: Ours is a 2-pack.]