Z-Creeper Seat 36" Grey/Black

I’ve had one for about 2 years. I like the way it rolls over my rough
cracked drive. Using the seat is great for anything that would require bending or kneeling. It’s a little heavy, but very well made.

I agree, seems very solid. I’m a heavy guy, and the seat is sturdy.

I love mine. As far as durability… my old roommate ran it over with her 4-runner and it still works (just had to replace a caster).

Made from cheap metal, wheel stud snapped off on a crack in my driveway first time I used it. Regret ever buying it.

Do you want to transfer currency? You can transfer currency overseas (in most foreign currency) quickly and safely all over the world. Currency is transferred all over the world in many different ways, Cash to cash, Bank accounts, Credit and debit cards, and Cell phones/computers.

Some of the ways used to transfer currency is through many companies that offer online currency transfer. This is either through Western Union, OzForex, Travelex, National Australia Bank, TransferWise, Westpac, Travelex, sendvalu, PayPal and many more.

What you basically need in order to transfer currency is your identification, currency and the amount you need to transfer. If you are sending money you need to have identification, details of the person receiving money, the amount you need to send and the currency you wish to send. There are charges for transferring currency but these depends on the company and the country that you are sending or you are in. Different banks have different charges.

Cash to Cash is where you walk in currency transfer center and hand over your cash. This cash is converted to the currency of the destination country and picked up by the recipient. In some countries the cash is delivered to him or her.

Bank account is where you use a bank wire transfer to move money from one account to another. Even though this method has a high sending fee, (and there can be additional fees from the receiving bank) it is best used to send large amounts of money that exceed the daily or monthly limits levied by other types of money-transfer services. The limits depends on the service and where the money is being transferred.

Credit and debit cards mostly speeds up the time it takes to send the money, compared to using a bank. Using either can cost you as compared to paying with cash or a bank account. You can get an extra credit-card fee from your issuer depending on whether the transaction is processed as a purchase or cash advance. Some companies can let you send money to the recipient’s credit card.

Cell phones and computers can be used to browse and access a money-transfer service’s website. This needs you to have internet. Apart from that, there are numerous new technologies. One can get a free PayPal downloadable app for the Android, Blackberry and iPhone. These ones let you text money from your PayPal account using a recipient’s phone number or e-mail address. Recipients need a free PayPal account to access the money. Western Union’s mobile money-transfer program lets you transfer money directly to the mobile-phone of users in Kenya, Philippines, Madagascar and in Bangladesh.

As indicated earlier on, the cost of sending money depends on the fees charged by the service providers and the currency exchange rates. This varies in different companies and fluctuate from time to time. For an accurate comparison among different companies offering currency transfer, consider the following; Exchange rate, Fees, Total cost and Total currency delivered. Exchange rate is the amount of foreign currency generated from every dollar you send. Fees is the transfer charge. The amount of fees depends on the amount of money sent, how fast you want it reach the recipient, whether you’re sending through a walk-in agent or online and in what way you fund the transaction. Total cost is all the amount you want to send plus fees. Total currency delivered is the amount of currency that will be delivered to the destination country. This is determined by the amount of dollars sent multiplied by the exchange rate.

Determining the best value is dealing with a combination of exchange rates and fees. The choices are often between a company that has a higher fee and a higher exchange rate or one that has a lower fee and a lower exchange rate. One way of comparing is by subtracting the fees from the amount you want to send. When using this method on an online service, remember to subtract any fees before entering the amount you want to send. Some currency transfer companies offers you a checkbox to have the fees automatically subtracted from the amount you will pay. Another way is by finding out the cost of delivering a fixed amount of foreign currency. This method is easier to use at a walk-in agent. When you are through with transaction, order completion page and verify everything or check the receipt. Let the recipient know the exact amount to expect and provide a transaction number or any other information required for him or her to cash the money.

Currency transfer online is easy access, most of the online currency transfer companies have access to many countries all over the world. When transferring currency, choose a company that have access to the country that you need to transfer money.Many companies that are offering online currency transfer are free from fraud. They are safe and their technology is high enough to curb fraudulence. Most companies that offer online currency transfer are experts and are technologically updated to handle fraudulent activities and efficient. Online currency transfer is a faster and cheaper way of transferring currency. It saves money and time by offering foreign exchange rates online. It is easy to track on your online payment. It is simple to use, (you only need to have an online account). Online currency transfer companies offers customer support service that is 24 hours a day in seven days a week. Online accounts stores all your transaction and investment history. Funds sent through online reaches to recipients account in the foreign country in not more than 24 hours. There is no hidden fee charged by online money transfer companies. Online money transfer services are built to consider utmost security of the client and their financial data.

Many companies offer you with personal forex advisor. They offer solutions grounded on clients’ requirements. Online currency transfer companies have a team of experts who always keep an eye on the market updates and directly alert you on the best time to buy and sell currencies.

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