Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

I have a Traeger Pellet grill and it is a really awesome way to smoke meats. This one looks pretty similar in design. This makes smoking really easy and helps anyone to smoke like a pro. Brisket on a pellet smoker is phenomenal.

This vs Traeger would be an interesting thread as I would like to hear about your real life experiences.

I have the one for sale here and it’s absurdly loud.

Z grills has this deal where they will rebate you a certain amount depending on how many years out you go. 5 years out they rebate you $599/$699 so the grill is free. Does this count for that offer?

Can you please explain?

I found it on their website, but they really give no details as to how this impossible-sounding rebate offer works:

What is the EAT Money Back Guarantee?

Our EAT (Ensure Amazing Taste) Money Back Guarantee means that with a purchase of your grill today, you will get money back by choosing one of the following rebate options when you check out.

Buy the Z Grills Pro 700E now, get money back by choosing one of the following rebate options:

a) $199 in one year,
b) $299 in two years,
c) $399 in three years,
d) $499 in four years,
e) $699 (or $599 with Pro 7002E) in five years

Because the technology is always improving and there’s always a new gadget on these or an improved algorithm for temp control, I’m guessing the rebate is to encourage you to upgrade every 3-5 years. I wonder if they haul away your old one or if you can sell it on Craig’s list? I have the green egg for 2 years, and a flame boss I just got this year and I really like that combo, more flexibility in the kinds of wood you can use to smoke, but it was obviously much more expensive than this. I didn’t want to be locked into the proprietary pellets.

My son-in-law purchased one of these a couple of months ago. When I was there for my grandson’s graduation, I cooked briskets and pork butts on it. Worked like a charm. Holds temps better than my Pitt Boss pellet smoker. Only down side, IMHO is they don’t make a side shelf for it.

I’ve never seen a pellet smoker that had to use proprietary pellets. Where did you get that idea ?

Traegers have a rule that they’ll void your warranty if you use non-traeger pellets. They say it’s to maintain their high quality and ensure that the pellets don’t get jammed up. All pellets are shaped the same, but I think they just want to make you buy their brand. I view it like using off-brand ink in my inkjet…

Too bad I bought a nice green mountain grill from a local store 2 weeks ago. Made pulled pork last night, burgers on Tuesday, and ribs last weekend. The pulled pork turned out like candy; I couldn’t stop eating it while pulling it apart. Need to get more pellets today.

Ive been looking at getting a pellet grill for a while, but always wondered one thing. How does smoking meat in a pellet grill compare to smoking meat in an electric smoker? With electric smokers it’s difficult to get a good smoke ring like you can with a charcoal/wood smoker. Does smoked meat on a pellet grill come out closer to a electric smoker or a charcoal/wood smoker?

I purchased a Camp Chef pellet smoker from Woot last year and it’s amazing. The difference between this smoker and the Camp Chef is innovation and quality. The Camp Chef has a meat probe that gives you the exact temperature of the meat and it’s displayed on the hopper. They also have an ash dump cleaning system which makes it easier to clean. There is also a pellet dump so you can change out pellets with ease. The also offer a sear box that attaches to the smoker. It reaches 900 degrees and uses propane. There are several videos on Youtube where he Fs compare the Camp Chef against Traeger and Camp Chef always wins. Traeger has a history of auger failures and they try and blame it on different pellets. You can use any pellet with the Camp Chef with no issues. They have a three-year hassle free warranty also. If you’re law enforcement or a veteran you can get them for wholesale price on Expert One.

Expert One?

While not about the listed product, I nominate this for “Quality Post.”

Lots of very good, useful information here.

That’s not entirely accurate. Their warranty states:

“fuels not compatible with the unit have been used”

It doesn’t say it has to be Traeger pellets. That said, all pellets are not equal. I’ve used non-Traeger pellets in my smoker and some brands leave tons of dust in the bottom of the smoker which has, on occasion, ignited. I buy Traeger pellets at Costco, $20/33 lb bag. They seem to leave less debris behind when smoking.

Traeger pellets are JUNK. They aren’t actually the wood flavor as advertised. They have “flavoring” added to them to simulate different woods. There are several brands out there that offer the different true hardwoods and give your food a much better flavor.

Try Expert Voice. They have changed their name a few times. Used to be Expericity, then Expert One.