Zahtila Napa Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

I’m curious if anyone has had this - I’ve enjoyed Laura’s wines in the past. Any tasting notes would be appreciated!

this is a sweet deal. laura is moving out her zahtilla wines to make room for her new Laura Michael labels.

I’ve not had this vintage but when we visited her on the 2012 RPM Tour, the 2007 Barlow Cab was easily my favorite Zahtila wine. Sorry I can’t offer specific tasting notes but I liked it enough to buy some on our way out.
EDIT to add that this was offered previously in August 2013 as part of a 3-pack of 2006/2007/2008 for the same price per bottle albeit with an additional $5 for shipping at the time.

I was just in Calistoga 2 days ago. didn’t see this but did stop by the castle and had some Frank Family stuff.
If David says its good Im in.

Haven’t had this, but the Laura Zahtila Georges III Beckstoffer cab from many Woots ago was damn fine stuff.

Just looked back at the comments on that offer from 5 years ago. Clone 6 Cab for $50? Wowza! I paid well over $100 for a bottle of Clone 6 Cab at Bell on the last RPM tour. Best Cab I have ever tasted.

Laura Zahtila Swanton here…this cabernet really shows the effects of a hot summer: the faster ripening resulted in a softer style of cabernet that doesn’t necessarily need a big piece of meat. It’s silky and an easy sipping cabernet!

I’ve been wanting to try Zahtila wines for a while now, let’s do this!

Any estimate on a drinking window?

Did you go to Vincent Arroyo? That’s another must see in the Calistoga area, imho.

Hmmm. Bring that one back (please!) and I’ll buy a bunch!!

Dang it, I’m still drinking her '06 cabs. Haven’t gotten the '08s out.

Have to say, my wife absolutely loves the Micheal’s Muse Rose. If that ever shows up here, we’ll be buying by the case (got to keep SWMBO happy!)

Clone 6 cabs - Bell was educational. Anytime I see Clone 6 now, I start thinking about buying.

That was one of the more difficult to arrange, but seems like it was well worth the efforts. At least a few joined their club, and I too now look for clone 6 offers.

Love VA, my go to spot to order petite sirah.