Zanaxi Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, 1 or 5 Gallons

Zanaxi Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, 1 or 5 Gallons

May we see a picture of the label like we have for the others? I’d like to check out the ingredients.
Or if anyone knows, is this a Gel or liquid?

It seems to only exist on these sites, which is a red flag for me. It’s alcohol content seems to be okay with the bare minimum, and has aloe and such from the part of the label we can see. I’d -think- this was a gel, or at least liquid by a bit thicker.
It’s pretty darn expensive though, my stores have started carrying it. So it should be showing on Amazon and other sites again soon all over the place.

Hello. This is a gel.

We’ve added the label to the photo gallery.

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A couple of bottles of everclear is cheaper than this stuff and you can drink the everclear. Just a thought.

Most liquor stores are already sold out on everclear, also, they aren’t recommended to be used as “hand sanitizer” even though they have a high percentage of alcohol. Always consult a physician if you consider using non-medical products for medical purposes.