Zande ki Graddakh

Zande ki Graddakh
Price: $3.01
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Apr 23 to Thursday, Apr 24) + transit
Condition: Crappy


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Got the first one, sweet!

Got one, Yay!

That was more or less the most effortless Barrel of Carrots I’ve ever gotten, to the point that I was convinced I was going to get 404’d or a “whoops, sold out” message. I like the red herring title of the item!

Also, why $3.01 and not $3.00?

woot! got one :smiley:

Holy Carrots…I actually got one! FIRST Zande ki Graddakh EVER! Thanks WOOT SERVER for not crashing!

waiting room…again

Got it! Was just refreshing after sitting down at the PC and boom, a ZkG!

lol. I just happened to load up woot at the right time. I freaked and got one. Not so exciting though when I realize there must have been 10,000 available for it to stay up that long though.

woohoo! First ever BOC after years of trying.

Little annoyed it forced me to log in a second time or I would have had one. Oh well.

I’ve reached the promised land…my first bag of crap!

Love it. Change the name and add a penny to mess with the bots.

I was thinking the same thing while I was in the “antechamber” for what seemed like FOREVER! I was almost certain it was going to be sold out. But, I GOT ONE! So HAPPY! :smiley:

Probably to fake out the bots.

Got it!
Although I had to enter my new cc number, my card entering skills were fast enough.

Sold out as I was clicking to add it to the cart. Maybe next time!

Curse you woot servers!!!