ZapMaster 2 in 1 LED Lightbulb & Bug Zapper 4-Pack

Bought 4, installed 2 right away. Worked great for about a month then one went out and a few days later the second one did. Put in two more and those went out about a month after within a few days of each other. If i had a way to return them i would … the idea is great…the product obviously needs tweaked to last more than a month.

Woot you really need to give these away, this is a poorly designed product that does not last. I bought a set and one burned (the light part) burned out after 5 weeks. The flies laughed at the bug zapper, I don’t think it zapped anything that got into the house and passed my bug hunting cat.

Also it doesn’t kill mosquitos. It kills little bugs like gnats that don’t do anything.

Mosquitos are attracted to CO2 not light

2 stars on Amazon??? Woot why would you even sell such a shitty product?

Oi. Stop with this crap. A little research (I did it for you in another post) reveals that mosquitoes are, in fact, attracted to light though not exclusively.

Anecdotally, I am constantly cleaning out the one I have hanging in my garage, including plenty of mosquito carcasses.

Now, I have no experience with ZapMaster, but they look identical to the AboveEdge ones I bought from Woot. I had one burn out (one of the white light LEDs burned) and AboveEdge sent me a replacement.

The circuity in these are really simple and no obvious protection. After receiving my replacement I took the old unit and broke it down, accidentally discharging the grid with the screw driver, and since the UV LEDs don’t work. Ah, well, I was looking forward to having one with just the bug killing grid working. Whoops!

I bought a 4 pack of these a while back. The best of the 4 only lasted two months. they are not worth the money or the aggravation.