ZapMaster 2 in 1 LED Lightbulb & Bug Zapper 4-Pack

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ZapMaster 2 in 1 LED Lightbulb & Bug Zapper 4-Pack
Price: $19.99
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These are total crap. All of mine got hot enough that parts started literally falling off of them.

I had one last about a week. The white LEDS suddenly got very dim. Tapping on it would kinda get it to brighten up. A few days later the white LEDs have completely failed. It was in a fixture protected from the elements. (Closed in on 5 sides.)

Oh goodie, so now we can all be green while killing thousands of defenseless bugs! Won’t the environmentalist crowd be oh so happy about that?

And yes, that was typed in total sarcasm mode.

These are absolute junk. I got these last time and all 4 died within a few months. Woot refunded me 1/3 of the cost but still a waste of money.

Wouldn’t buy if these were at the Dollar Tree… junk!

Even if these worked, they would not be killing very many of the insects you’d want dead. You need CO2 to attract mosquitoes, and this ain’t got that. That’s part of the reason the reviews on Amazon are as bad as they are. That - plus they fall apart, catch on fire, operate poorly, etc. Purchasing these is contraindicated.

These are junk. The life expectancy of these should be stated in minutes not hours. Two out of four I bought burnt out within the first hour of use. How do you return these for a full refund of a misadvertized item?

Retail or bulk packaging? All 4 in 1 pack, or 1 pack of 4 individually packed bulbs? Suitable for gift giving?

Yes, I read the reviews, and hate my friends and family - Happy Birthday!

(Woot! really needs to start including a photo of the packaging. This often makes or breaks the deal for me.)

Considering mosquitoes aren’t attracted to UV, this snakeoil crap should be removed from Woot based on blatant lies and false-advertising alone.

Not to mention they flat out die and are probably electrical hazards due to low-quality and lack of QA.

I ordered a 4 pack in May of 2016, it’s by December I am on the last one for my outside covered porch, save your money and time, there crap.

I imagine it would be a 4-pack box. We often rely on vendor photos so don’t have a box to add.

Darn it - I still have 3 of these left and I made a goodwill run today and forgot to include these.