ZapMaster 2 in 1 LED Lightbulb & Bug Zapper 4-Pack

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ZapMaster 2 in 1 LED Lightbulb & Bug Zapper 4-Pack
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These are absolute garbage. The plastic rounded part has come detached from ALL (8) of them I got a couple months ago. No bugs have been killed and ot seems like a fire hazzard.

bought a bunch of these and they totally fell apart and stopped working after just a few months.

These damned things STILL WON’T KILL MOSQUITOES!

I bought these. They killed a LOT of bugs in the short time that they worked. The led lights all failed within a couple of months,the bug zapper continued to work but without the led lights, they were useless to me. I threw them out.

Dear Woot, Please do not sell bug zappers, they kill insects indiscriminately. See Wikipedia:

“These traps are not effective at killing biting insects (female mosquitoes and other insects),[5][6] being much more effective at attracting and killing other harmless and beneficial insects. A study by the University of Delaware showed that over period of 15 summer nights 13,789 insects were killed among six devices. Of those insects killed, only 31 were biting insects.[7] Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and water vapor in the breath of mammals, not ultraviolet light.[6] However, there are now bug zappers that emit carbon dioxide or use an external bait, such as octenol, to better attract biting insects into the light.”

Junk and they come apart (electrical shock hazard!). The Houz brand was recalled but they don’t honor their recall when you try to get refund or replacements. Don’t waste your money.

Do not buy.

As everyone else has pointed out they come apart creating a shock hazard. Unless there have been changes made in the design (not mentioned) they are poorly made.

They do kill bugs though.

I complained to Woot and Woot refunded my purchase even though I had thrown them away. Thank you, Woot Customer Service.

I tried to buy these during a Wootoff and they cancelled the order without an explaination. 3 days later after I complained they said they couldn’t ship them because they were unsafe. Now they’re selling them again? Whatever.

Based on these review, it sounds like I got lucky.

So disappointing, after only a few months the LED quit working on the 2 I’d been using. The bug zapper still works but useless as a source of light. Buy only if you want to electrocute bugs in the dark.

Staff comment: There was a very specific brand and manufacturer that was involved in the Consumer Product Safety Commission recall.

We apologize for the customer orders were cancelled previously. Initially, Woot was proactive to ensure none of the brands of mosquito killing bulbs that we sold were involved in a similar recall notice. Thus we stopped selling all mosquito bulbs. Once we verified that this brand of bulb was not involved in the notice we made this product available to our customers again.

How can you call these “mosquito killing bulbs” when the specs only say they emit UV to attract insects… and mosquitos are not attracted to UV light?

This is false advertising (others above have pointed out the issues, too). You’re selling a product that zaps bugs, but not the ones you’re implying it zaps, thus doing a disservice to the environment and people’s pocketbooks.

(Emphasis added)

Same here, L.E.D. failed after just 6 weeks. That’s only 2% of it’s advertised lifespan! All it is now is an expensive nite-lite.

I bought these the first time they came up. Not sure if they are the same, though. Bought another 4-pack a month ago, which has a bright, blue glow, instead of the UV. Use them indoors, dog and cat tend to let mosquitoes in the house, annoying. These do zap bugs, the remains scraped off the wire grid, appear consistent with mosquitoes. Mine don’t seem to zap, where you’d expect bug parts to fly everywhere, don’t even hear them. None of the bulbs have failed, or fallen a part. One top dome was loose, but it was threaded, easy to twist back on. Probably wouldn’t have noticed, except I needed to check to see if they were the recalled bulbs, Woot set out the scary warning about, weren’t.

Bugs are bugs, there are no good bugs inside my home. Not a huge fan of interacting with them on my land. It’s a big world, plenty of space for the bugs, where they aren’t bothering anyone. Most of them don’t live more than a few weeks, months maybe, just long enough to produce thousands more. They aren’t Pokemon, we will never get them all.

Thus we stopped selling all mosquito bulbs.

OK. Why are you referring to these with that description? They ** ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ATTRACT MOSQUITOES!**

The only ones that would be killed are the ones that haphazardly fly into the device.

As far as I am concerned, this amounts to deliberate FRAUD!

Hey, tin-foil brigade… a quick google search will uncover several articles (you know, the peer-reviewed kind of research) which conclude that mosquitoes are indeed attracted to UV light.

I have had to clean my bug-zapper bulbs several times and I have found numerous mosquito carcasses in them. My chosen locations are, however, not outdoors, rather I use them in places like my garage, in the corner of my living room, storage shed, and the like. I could happily do with just a bug zapper in this form factor as I actually don’t use the white light part, but, whatever, right? They work great to keep these locations free of the little biting bastards so I can make a quick run out into the garage without getting eaten, or when one or two fly into the house as the dog comes in and out we don’t get eaten up late at night.

Oh, and frankly, this “bad for the environment” crap can get crammed, too. On the one hand you can’t make enough of a dent in the mosquito population to matter, but on the other hand you can kill enough of other kinds of bugs to destroy to bring doom and disaster. Please, just shut up.

Wasted my money. Kills nothing. Maybe that’s because the little blue (LED) lights in all 4 didn’t work. It’s nice and bright but if you want that then spend less for a bright lightbulb.