ZapMaster 2-in-1 LED Lightbulb & Bug Zapper 4-Pack

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ZapMaster 2-in-1 LED Lightbulb & Bug Zapper 4-Pack
Price: $23.99
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Too bad mosquitoes aren’t attracted to blue light.

Also read tons of negative comments about these on the previous sales.

70% NEGATIVE at Amazon… 53% only 1 star, with another 17%
2 stars. Pathetic.


DO NOT BUY THESE. All of mine died in a month. waste of money.

I can confirm this. All mine died in 6 months going one at a time. The design of the light is flawed that if one of about 20 SMD LEDs goes bad, the whole light dims or goes out. The zapper however is fine and continues to work.

One of the worst woot purchases I’ve ever made and paid $35 D:

Don’t bother! I have one that died in 2 days. It’s a great consept; they just need to make sure it lasts.

Snakeoil junk. Mosquitos can’t see UV. Woot should be ashamed of itself for repeatedly selling this crap.

I purchased one before and it lasted a week. Didn’t kill bugs at all.

Please read previous reviews. Amazon should STOP SELLLING THIS LOUSY PRODUCT. All reviews agree with my experience - these bulbs burn out within a month.

I appreciate the heads up because I was ready to buy. I’ll stick with my yellow bug light fur front porch

Worthless I’m stuck with just blue light bulbs all burnt out in less than 60 days

these are junk!!!

I have posted nefatively about these in the past. However, I found out recently how to get them to work.

  1. Turn them on and let them warm up at least 5 mi utes or more.
  2. Flip them off then back on again. The bug zapper part should activate. If not turn it off and on again.
    Ours are working great.