ZapMaster 2-in-1 LED Lightbulb & Bug Zapper 4-Pack

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ZapMaster 2-in-1 LED Lightbulb & Bug Zapper 4-Pack
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These suck. Don’t buy them. They don’t kill bugs and they fall apart once they get warm.

I can not express how terrible these are. I purchased them in a previous offering and they are complete garbage. The last one I used literally fell apart in the fixture. Wish I could post a pic here. Save your money for a better product.

This 4 pack, are they in individual boxes or packages, i.e. 4 separate units?

Contrary to the previous posters, these worked fine for me. They don’t kill a LOT of bugs, but after a few weeks the blue light is covered with them. The problem I had is that the LED part gets water inside it when it rains and shorts out after a while, which may not be a problem for most people. If my fixture was covered better than that would probably be fine.

Oh, and they are individually boxed, to answer the previous question.

crap two of 4 the blue lights didnt work i have not seen a single bug killed. Dont waste your money.

Agreed, they are terrible. Additionally, they are too large to fit in most outdoor fixtures, which kind of misses the point.

These will be in the bags of crap.

LOL. Unfortunately, they’re in a different warehouse. We’re with them until the bitter end. :frowning:

Unimaginably crappy as they undoubtedly are, would these be useful for very occasional use? My thought is to get one for those times when I get a fly buzzing around the living room. Flies are attracted to light, so it seems as though it should work.

Other question – are the slits big enough to admit a large housefly?

I want to know this as well. I hate houseflys.

crap cant get the zapper part to work without the light on too no matter how many times i turn it on and off

i lose my money
why didn’t say it is 110V ???