Zartz Urban Throwing Darts Bundle

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sigh…if only these were lawn darts…

It doesn’t carry the life or death thrill that Lawn Darts do, but they will have to do. I suppose you could tape a large gauge hypodermic needle to the end for nostalgia.

So if it’s really perfect for “basically any place where a piece of flying weaponized steel would be totally inappropriate”, what would happen if I pulled these out at church?

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Might be a new tailgating game. Tempting.

But what if one landed on someones eye…The suction effect could rip your eye out on removal…I’d rather be dead than a freak!
Steel tips eliminate crips!

Great minds think alike! I always found these to be more exciting when they were Lawn Spears.

Today’s generation will never experience the thrill of night Jarts with beers (c.1979).

For some reason, I don’t think the suction is quite THAT strong…

Dudes, it’s definition number one…

a small, slender missile that is pointed at one end and usually feathered at the other and is propelled by hand, as in the game of darts, or by a blowgun when used as a weapon.

That’s from, of all elusive sources.

Bottom line: if it’s not pointy, it’s not a dart. Call these lawn cups, if you’d like.

Are these good for the office? Or are they best for at-home use?

“Urban” darts? Hide the women and children.

Ya ain’t as ghetto as ya think ya are, k?

“Urban”, eh? Will these fly (pun intended) on the sub-urban side of the tracks too? I’d hate frighten my neighbors if these darts are too “street”.

Give me some good ol’ fashioned lawn darts. Used with common sense (like anything else), and they’re perfectly safe. All this government-mandated safety shit is getting out of hand.

These could be especially fun if you know any bald guys…

The thumbnail on Woot made me question whether these were art installations of multicolored ducks having dived into the ground cartoon style with one breaking its leg. More fun than lawn darts, j/s

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