Zcyber i3 Mini Speaker 2-Pack


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Zcyber i3 Mini Speaker 2-Pack
$8.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Zcyber i3 Mini Speaker Set

are these only batteries or can ou plug them into the wall?


No thanks - too small


Oh boy, more ipod accessories. No way. Goodnight.


They’re back! And it’s a pair this time. Get some duct tape and fashion the world’s ugliest headphones!


I don’t like these dingers… crappy quality.


This are great, the sound it’s pretty amazing 4 the size Good Deal!!1



Robot eyes…

not me


Sorry, not a good deal - can pay the same or less in FiveBelow once you add the shipping.


I got some of these last time they were on woot, they get super loud and retain their quality! I got em hooked up to my iPod now.

Definatly very ribs, and worth every penny!




Got these last time they were offered. They work GREAT for traveling and on my desk!

PS Woot thanks for deleting my first comment.


From What I can recall woot! has never sold an iPOD.

Powered by 4 AAA Batteries (not included)
AC Adapter plug interface (AC Adapter not included)

2x Bummer!


froogle link


“Nothing makes you appreciate the i3’s small, tinny sound like silence.”

I think this says it all. G’night, WOOT.


Hm. 2 speakers, 9 bucks.

Pass. Goodnight.


I got these last time.

You’re better off just singing to yourself.


Junk. They don’t come with the AC Adapter. and they’d consume AAA’s four at a time for a few weeks before I’d toss em.


Wow… 4 AAA batteries and I’ll bet they don’t last more than 3 hours. These can get expensive. G’night.