Zcyber i3 Mini Speaker Set

not a bad price…but i much prefer my bose set

the speakers look broken

are the speakers suppose to look like that?

anothing ipod thing. jeez are these things multiplying

Junk, but atleast they arent 600 bucks

Is it just me or do the speakers look like they have torn fabric?

kinda cool real cheap i might have to woot

Power by 4 AAA Batteries (not included)
AC Adapter plug interface (AC Adapter not included)


The batteries will be worth more than the speakers… pass. But you all should get one!

Oh crap !! another Mini Speaker Set. PLEEESE

I really wish they would sell small speakers I can use with something with R and L audio plugs, instead of a headphone jack

my sister has a set of these…they are garbage. no woot!

What a piece of exquisite junque.

but does it sound good?

Top range should be 20KHz.

looks like these go for $17 to $19 online

Come on Kevin, buy-buy-buy, you can do it!

these arent bad, i have them

They fold up nice and small so they dont take up much room in the land fill

Zcyber doesn’t even come up on froogle.