Zeiss, Mueller, Burris & Bushnell Scopes

I know for sure that the Burris 300208 AR Tactical Sight retails for $349. Not the $527 that woot states.

woot isn’t the only place that has the (old) $527 MSRP. But thanks, everyone should be making buying decisions based on MSRP, instead of using actual selling prices.

As far as i can tell, the only difference between the RZ6, and Plex is the reticle. I’ve been looking around lately for a good deal on a nice scope. I might have to pick one of these up.

O_M_G! Sarcasm is AWESOME!!!

Let me try… I NEVER get tired of seeing inflated MSRP that make discounts seem bigger.

(btw. I agree with your point)

Not quite, since you’re stating with your sarcasm that you are tired of seeing MSRPs like these.

MSRPs are standard, most places that post MSRP have a contractual obligation to, and woot’s use is not inaccurate or wrong. By those terms, I’d rather have the opportunity for a deal than no deal at all if sticking a lined out price is all that it takes.

But on nearly every higher end gun optic deal, there’s nearly always someone posting to complain about some MSRP they think is wrong or inflated. No one interested in actually buying the product gives a flying monkey about MSRP. Making a stand against MSRP on woot isn’t going to change the practice industry wide or with Burris.

It’s not like these people complaining really care either. They aren’t standing outside Walmart picketing against MSRP abuse there or at other big retailers too. They post here because it’s lazy and easy to whine about it, because it really doesn’t matter to them either.

The AR-332 is MSRP $547 on Optics Planet too, the upper bound retail seems to be $349, most places have it for around $320, and woot’s price is somewhere around $1 of Amazon’s lowest price per camelx3. It’s not a bad deal. Don’t know why anyone gives a rat’s tail about the MSRP. I probably will end up buying one if I can get by my fear of getting one with cant issues.

$275 is OK for the AR-332x. It’s not mind-blowing, but it beats the usual prices.

I’d be cautious of the First Strike red dot, because the first generation was apparently VERY recoil sensitive.

That IS the only difference & I would save the money and go with the “regular” reticle. Good scopes, and you save $70 off going retail prices.

The Burris 200471 MTAC doesn’t seem to have any meaningful markings on the turrets, can anyone confirm this?

‘Save’ $50 by not buying the one with a ballistic reticle? Not me…

I dont even know why I go to Woot anymore. The same sight is listed @ $112 @ Amazon. I used to go here to find deals…