Zeiss Pre-Moistened Cleaning Wipes

Sams Club has the 200ct for $8.86.

Those are LENS wipes. Ours are for screens. Also, $5.23 shipping.

thanks for pointing that out - i need lens wipes and totally missed that

The description says:

“Safely and quickly clean eyeglasses and sunglasses plus other optics including lenses on cameras, webcams, cell phones, binoculars, microscopes and many others. Easily remove smudges and dirt.”

So what is the difference between a lens wipe and a screen wipe???

Good question. I tend to think lens wipes are the softest and safest wipes. If the wipe is good enough for eyeglasses (or even better binocular or miscroscope lenses because these magnify scratches) then they’re good enough for my TV/monitor/phonescreen. The only exception being ensuring the wipe doesn’t have a solvent which might strip away the oleophobic coating of my iPhone.

The difference is in the size. Looking at the photo, I am fairly certain what they are selling is the item on the right. The package is the same width as the lens wipes but taller.

I have both the smaller lens wipes and the type shown here. These are great. They are large enough to wipe a monitor or other surface but they also work great on my glasses. Having used both, these are my choice. The wipes I ordered from Woot also came in handy little zip lock bags, which wasn’t the case for the lens wipes from Sam’s.

PS - Costco dropped these for a more recyclable wipe which also made them about as useful as teets on a bull.

lets face it…we all have cleaned our glasses…sunglasses…tv monitors…pc monitors…cell phones with some spit and fingers and with wet hands and using our shirts or a towel… so does it matter if it just says for screens? i just hope they arent a batch of dry wet naps…nothing worse than buying them and finding out they are half dry which could be the case here