Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

200 for $8.86 at Sam’s Club

Out of stock online.

Be advised that yesterday I received Computer Screen Cleaners…600 of them. I expected to receive Glasses Lens cleaners.

There is no way that I’m going to use a computer screen cleaner to clean my glasses.

I’m going to be returning them; I am very disappointed.

A similar thing happened to me. Prior to ordering, I noticed there were two different photos in the description and verified that the 200 count showed a lens cleaner picture in the order confirmation page whereas the 600 count showed the clean screen picture. So I ordered the 200 count lens cleaner. But instead I still received the clean screen wipes.

I called the Zeiss hotline and they confirmed the cleaning solutions ARE different and the LCD wipes are not recommended for eyeglasses. So I have an email in to Woot customer service to check on next steps.

i wound up with 600 screen cleaners too when i thought i was getting eyeglass cleaners. never noticed that anything changed on the order page when i selected quantity 600.

and when i look at my order details for the purchase, it states:

Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes
Count: 600

thanks for passing on what Zeiss said - i was going to take a chance and use these anyway for my glasses. now i’ll definitely stand down and hope for a return/refund.

Well I have to give it to Woot, they did give me a refund with no need to bother with a return. I guess I now have 20 packs of screen wipes to give out for Christmas. (“Look! The gift of vision!”) Really wanted those eyeglass wipes for myself, though. Better to give than to receive?

I received the clean screen wipes instead of lens wipes too. I was offered a $3 refund and keep the useless wipes or a call tag to return for complete refund. Going to send them back, disappointed to say the least.

They gave me a $5 refund. That only covers shipping. I too was expecting lens wipes. Wtf woot? I’m disputing the charge with my CC. Not relying on woot to properly handle this. It’s downright scammy.

The screen cleaners were returned about a week later. The refund took a while, I guess because of the holidays. I received an email yesterday with notification of the credit and received the credit today.