ZEMGear 360 Ninja Shoe, Men's or Women's

**Item: **ZEMGear 360 Ninja Shoe, Men’s or Women’s
Price: $24.99
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Condition: New

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Take a look at some pretty good feedback from Amazon

More good reviews direct from ZemGear

Pinstripes. For formal occasions.

birthdayshoes.com calls these “unique”

Check out this review, courtesy of BarefootRunningShoes[youtube=9urLXIoVuN0][/youtube]

Seriously tempted.

to small, can’t handle my manly size 14s

I’ll be jumping off buildings to deliver packages and overthrow a corrupt government in no time!

So UPS meets parkour; am I following? :slight_smile:

I have the 360 and the O2 split toe shoes from zemgear. in my experience, the 360 runs very very very tight. they do stretch and conform to your feet after wearing, but i still suggest buying one a size larger than you normally would.

they’re a pretty good alternative to slippers in the winter, aqua-socks at the beach, or an emergency pair of footwear tucked in a bag (they take up practically no space). i’ll go for a run with them every so often, but i find them to be a little too minimalistic for everyday training. it’s similar to running with huarache sandals.

that said, the price isn’t at enough of a discount to warrant buying another pair.

In for one :smiley:

Hoping they fit…

I think it’s a Mirror’s Edge reference, since the shoes look a lot like the ones the heroine Faith Connors wears in the game.


What no size 9 men what a deal breaker!

how flexible are the sole when bent inward? Still want to be able to grasp onto tree branches with the arch of the feet.

I’m shocked/happy that they have some women’s shoe (sizes) finally. Although I have to say, I prefer the round toe ZEMs.

None in my size and preferred color combination (Men’s 8, Blk/Blk). Sadness =(

Already sold out of my size, and my husband’s. Sadness :frowning:

Don’t know if this helps anyone at all, but I had a pair of Zemgears I purchased from Amazon, and enjoyed them when had them.

The bottom line is that at some point, the tightness got on my nerves, AND, after using them for extended times, one managed to stay on my foot, and the other kept…sliding off. It made them unwearable, since one would never stay on.
Here is my review for the Men’s Oxygen 2 Ninja Split, copy/pasted from Amazon, with some editing for words I hastily misspelled back then:

Not bad at all for day to day, until they start slipping., September 5, 2012

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: ZEMGEAR Men’s Oxygen 2 Ninja Split (Apparel)
So, I’ve owned this particular shoe since May 1, 2012 and I have to say a few things:

-I was already used to the Feiyue Martial artists’ shoe, and LOVE THEM TO DEATH. After wearing these off and on with my Feiyues I would probably stick with those shoes. However, this shoe was and still is an enjoyable experience daily. I was concerned abut sizing, as I ordered size 11 and was really wearing size 12 in normal store bought sneakers(feiyues sized 11/11.5). These shoes were almost painfully snug on my feet, and when I remove them now, after wearing them in, I still have lines on the top of my foot where the bands sorta press in. These marks go away within 5 minutes, and cause no further issues worth noting.

Overall, I want to say I enjoyed using these shoes, and I did for a while. However, as I wore them in, I have found some issues that WILL prevent my purchase of further Zem gear shoes. Namely:

1: As of this writing, I notice extreme slipping on my right foot. While the left shoe stays snug and secure on my left foot, my right foot slips out within steps. Somehow(not sure if it’s the toe space or my heel area that is responsible)my heel begins to slip and my toes begin to slip out. this eventually leads to me either stopping to readjust my shoe, by pulling it back into place around my ankle/heel, or it becoming an uncomfortable flopping mess. In contrast my left foot is completely topnotch during walks, exercise, and daily activities that see my right foot slipping countless times.

2:This isn’t noticeable until you try to move your toes or rub them together, but the material is pretty thick, and this annoys me when I move my toes and can hear and feel the padding on the side and bottom of my big toe as it rubs against the other toe compartment. It just feels wrong to me.

Link for proof:http://www.amazon.com/review/R3RJZL2FBQTEP2/ref=cm_cr_pr_viewpnt#R3RJZL2FBQTEP2