Zen Gardens: Tranquility With A Z

Regarding the Design Craft 50720COP Luna Sound Outdoor Fountain: How long is the cord connecting the fountain to the transformer, or more to the point, what is the longest run it can be and where would I get the proper cord?

It’s quite a run from power to the intended location.

As for solar fountains, the Koolatron Cascading Model # CSFK-5 might be nice, but I’m one of those picky “don’t want to see the plumbing” types because I feel it spoils the illusion. The pump is not shielded from view and neither is the supply line. Toss in the fact it’s only $4.98 cheaper than ordering one from Home Depot who have it for $89.97 with free shipping or pick up at store…and it’s an easier return if needed.

I’m pondering what the monkeys have to do with the Zen Garden theme. Anyone have a guess? They don’t speak tranquility for me.


Koolatron CSFK-5 Kyoto Solar Cascading Fountain Kit… Does it come with the solar panel? & do you know how tall it is? Thanks

The solar panel is included and shown in the second photo on the product page. As for how tall…


Bowl Diameter - 16.5 in
Product Height - 21 in.
Product Depth - 16.5 in.
Product Width - 16.5 in.

You can find assembly instructions here.

Re the Calistoga Outdoor Fountain
I bought this a while back thru Woot. Fountain has held up well thru terrible winter and 2 hell-bent Southern summers. I loved the fountain until a neighbor said it looked like a giant avocado. Now, all I can see is a burbling avocado.

But! Who doesnt love burbling avocados?? Serenading you into the Great Beyoncé (oh, oops! Beyond!, I meant Beyond!! Really. No! I think Jay-Z is commandeering my computer! What should I …ACK, grrrr, mmmmm nnnnnnoh nooh ooh I AM BEING TAKEN BY THE SPIRIT OF JAY-Z!!! HElp…zzzzzz…

Got my Koolatron Cascading fountain kit, it’s nice I guess but I really can’t say it’s worth the $90 price tag (after s/h + tax). Not to mention you can just buy it on Home Depot’s website for $90 w/ free shipping.

It REALLY needs full and direct sunlight. So unless you reposition the panel several times a day you will only get a few hours (at best) of a fully functional fountain. I might have to investigate modding this to accommodate some type of battery that can hold a bit of a charge.