Zen Logic ZL-4KBK 4K HD Sports Camera Kit

Nice-I’m in.

Yeah, this would be nice (and cheap) to hook to my snow blower for some winter time video LOL. I’d use my gopro but I rather chomp this thing up then my pro.

But this is a toss up. They have one at the mothership that is pretty close to the same. You get two batteries and it appears to work with 64gb cards too. Same price, free PRIME shipping. Big difference is, no remote/memory card but two batteries.hmm… what is one to do? Need to find a quarter so I can do a toss.

Let’s hope it’s our lucky day…

I am definately In…

Has anyone actually gotten one and used it? I’m looking to get one for my paintball gun. I Thought it’d be nice for filming some of our games. Let me know what you think?