Zeppelin Winery Black Zeppelin (2)

A wine woot off and where is Cesare??

In California for the RPM tour.

Zeppelin Winery 2009 Black Zeppelin 2-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $100.00) 45% off List Price
2009 Black Zeppelin Central Coast
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7/5/12 (Woot Plus offer)

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West coasters won’t be happy when they wake up in the morning to see they missed out on this! Tooooo Bad!..Sooooo Sad!


Remember that after you buy your first item today on any site, everything else ships for free until midnight CST to night!

Not only that, but I wasn’t awake to answer the same questions that were asked last time!!! (But keep your eyes open for something you haven’t seen before)

Woot! Looking forward to that Stillman. Appreciate you popping on the boards.

I hope it is not Green Zeppelin. Green wine just does not do it for me. Same goes for Blue Zeppelin.

If anyone can pull it off, I’m thinking Stillman could. Just sayin’.

Way back when I bought (2) 3 packs of 2005’s - Black Zep, Red Zep Syrah and Red Zep Vinidiction. I just drank the last bottle of that group, the Black Zep. Very disappointed. I gifted one Black but kept the other until now and had drunk both bottles of both Red Zeps. The Reds were fantastic!! I’m wondering if I just kept it too long??