Zeppelin Winery Central Coast Red (2)

Zeppelin Winery Central Coast Red - 2 pack

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2 NV Central Coast Red Wine 750ml
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83% two ton/acre Merlot - yes, Merlot, the fodder of lame wino humor, the sadly overcropped Cabernet Lite of the last fifteen years, but not this wine. Oh, and 12% Cabernet Franc, and 5% topping wine - Syrah, Petite Sirah, Souzao. 100% new French oak barrels, Boutes (pronounce it how you like). Why is it NV, broad appellation, non-varietal? So you can stump your enoweenie friends, if they’re worthy.

Interesting wine considering the really small production, but I’m looking for Rhone whites.

Nevertheless, see you in October, Stillman!

Poured this wine at the Central Coast Wine Classic the weekend before last, challenging all and sundry to guess the primary varietal . . . no weiners. No spitters, either. It’s not un-varietal or unbalanced.

I might be able to make a Rhone white from Merlot, but it won’t be ready for SPEED LIMIT. Okay, mostly joking. Verdejo might be dry by then?!?

Thank you for coming. The art on the bottle is fantastic… and makes me curious about the wine. How is it drinking now? When do you anticipate it will be at the peak of deliciousness?

This is just unusual enough for me :slight_smile:

Last wooter to woot:tytiger58

In October, I’ll want reds! Black Zeppelin, your port-style, in October – those are what I’m interested in.

It’s summer, now, though! I want Abalone! I’ve only got 2 left.

You say that to all the ladies!

whiskey post


Me too, two. No 2012s ready unless I pick something the first half of September. October is a Sheol of a month to be born in.

Oh moon, of Alicante
We now must say goodbye

Hey a stillman wine at a time I can actually buy it!

In for one. Just finished off a bottle of pink just now. Great acidity on that one really refreshing.

Heh you know me better than I thought…and if you need another Abalone or two I have them for you.

It smells pretty awesome now, but for palate? 1-2 years. It might well live longer, but I’m not sure there’s a point in ratholing it. Given the ocean currents and Chinese coal fumigation, I don’t know that I’ll have another wine like this again.

Acid’s decent, but not enough to take your car through Death Valley - I left 1200+ ppm CO2 in it. (More than Permian?)


That’s what I’m listening to.

I’d like to second, third, and fourth this. Just had my first Abalone from the Woot +, and I’m in love.

Stillman the wines of yours that I have tried I have mostly loved. But it seems all your recent offers are around $30 a bottle. Come on back down into my $15-$20 wheelhouse so I can afford your wine.

Just picked up 4 bottles, in spite of breaking the bank on the RPM Tour. Love your wines. Keep’em coming. If they (Wine Woot) gave you a better time slot this woulda/shoulda been sold out by now.