Zeppelin Winery Colossus Cab Combo (2)



Zeppelin Winery Colossus Cab Combo 2-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $110.00) 45% off List Price
2011 Colossus Syrah, Paso Robles
2010 Zeppelin Winery Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon
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I tried to explain to the monkeys - this vintage of Colossus was from ONE ton/acre vines, because of the spring freeze, so it’s even more intense but I only have half as much. Price goes up, and I really shouldn’t offer you any at all. They didn’t listen. So, it’s combined with the last of the Zeppelin Cab, and will cost less than if you’d bought an entire case via my wine ‘club’ and picked it up at the tasting room.


So I would be getting a real good bang for the buck with this one? Sounds amazing. I’m in!


Stillman - your timing is perfect. Just finished off the Hames Valley PS and have some room in my cellar (wine fridge).

What’s the drinking window on the Syrah? At 16.5% will it hold up until the zombie apocalypse?

Also, how many other winemakers are moving to the Bordeaux-Rhone blending trick you’ve perfected?


I’m in and I’m hoping there will be some more of the Zeppelin Coastal Red. I only bought 2 bottles on the wootoff and I’m kicking myself. That was absolutely awesome stuff.


Cost less per bottle, that is. Yeah, the Colossus is pretty amazing but there’s very little to go around - a little over fifty CASES, basically two barrels and a baby keg, and my ‘friends family fans and stalkers’ club members keep coming by and talking me out of a case each.
See pic at stillmanbrown.com ?

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I was there for the picking / crush etc…
Prior to the actual harvest, 3 times a week, picking berries to sample for all that stuff winemakers do before the harvest, so that it is picked at peak perfection.
Not to mention dodging deer, turkeys, quail, owls (there was an owl) and suicidal bicylists who think they own the roads (though I would give props to the deer, as they were there first, so to speak)…
Anywho - get this deal, and be the envy of your neighbourhood…
oh, and cheers!


Thanks, but I can’t do that again. The WW monkeys took me out to lunch, fed me oysters, and seduced me out of enough Colossus to make this offer but I have to keep the Merlot (Zeppelin CC Red) stashed here. I am trying to make more wine . . . really . . .


rare wine at a great discount? In for one!


The pH is good and there’s more natural tannin than the last vintage, but if I only had one bottle I’d probably drink it in 2-3 years. Keep in mind I have a ‘young’ palate.
I’m not sure I’ve perfected the blend at all, it’s tricky stuff, especially in the range of 50-50.


Thanks for the shill FFF! See you in 18 days at SPEED LIMIT?


How would one even find this wine? It’s not on either of your websites.


Yes, these wines are relatively expensive for WW, though risibly cheap by other standards. And when you buy these wines for flavor, remember that you’re thus invited to my birthday party, SPEED LIMIT, October 5 and 6 in Cayucos, CA, the likes of which you haven’t seen since Elvis wandered into CBGBs when the Ramones first played there. Now if you could only ship yourself here for five bucks . . .


the CC Red? No, it was only briefly on ZeppelinWinery.com - the Colossus is up there now. The Cab was up a few months ago. It’s not much of a webpage, but it does have cool music.


Very tempting but with two cases pending shipment and Tuesday’s woot-off I don’t think I can do it. This does truly seem like an awesome deal though.


I missed out on the original 2010 Colossus. Much to my regret. In for 3 but tired to post my “last to woot” entry. Stillman’s wines are fantastic.


Advance notice of a woot-off, that seems to be a first! The monkeys told me they were going to email us but not why . . .


425 hours till Paso, then the coloring book book club/ Moon Bow with all the pretty ladies - then, build the cage at the Tavie… we are building the cage?