Zero Germ UV Toothbrush Sanitizer with Toothbrush – 2 Pack

What is this Alien technology? Does it really work? Any studies on this that anyone wants to share?


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I have a toothbrush sanitizer (not this one) and I love it. This is a nice deal.

ah, the perfect stocking stuffer for little kevin next time he’s home alone…

Four out of five dentists recommend using one… the fifth guy just like poopy germs on his toothbrush for some reason.

Perfect for those who like to share their toothbrushes with strangers who are exhibiting flu-like symptoms!

Yes, irradiate your toothbrush and then stick it in your mouth! In for 2!

edit: I’m hoping to have Spiderman babies.

I doubt there will be any reviews to be found on this one, but the idea of keeping doody particles off my toothbrush (and, therefore, out of my mouth), I’m all for it.

How do I know my toothbrush will fit?

Man, you ain’t lived 'til you’ve shared a toothbrush with a fluish bum!

Do these things really work? I mean, is it just keeping it a bit cleaner by keeping it in a case?

Here’s the awesome late night tv commercial VIDEO

perhaps you could take a look at the dimensions printed on the main woot page. i know, it doesn’t make any sense, but try it anyway.

The one and only review on Amazon was written to make it sound like this thing can cure cancer, and it turns out the guy who wrote it just happens to have the same last name as the owner of the company who markets these… oddly coincidental.

Honestly at what point does germaphobia just become a tad silly. Answer: when you are irradiating your toothbrush.

I think I found a serious flaw in this design. The UV gets the bristles but it doesn’t get the back of the tooth brush which is also inserted into your mouth.

HUGE FAIL! Dont want.

if everyone lives in a germ-free environment, that will inturn weaken your immune system

something like the common cold will kill us all off in 20 years if people keep being THIS ocd about germs

my 2 cents on the subject

this is an unneeded product

exactly =)

In for two, hope they are not refurbished.

Requires (2) AA batteries, not included