Zero Germ UV Toothbrush Sanitizer with Toothbrush

Color me a little skeptical… one AA battery powering a UV light that kills 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses on my toothbrush?

In for 3 of these…a good deal for a travel toothbrush…and a great deal with the uv sanitizer. Thank you, Woot!

Apparently people in the four corners are really worried about toothbrush bacteria…

At least it’s not refurbished! Been debating getting one of these for a while b/c some people say they don’t help but I figure it can’t hurt, especially at this price!

Don’t want to ruin anyones fun here, but there is a 0.000000% chance that this thing kills even a single bacteria.

If you want a toothbrush and case, go for it. If you think this product has even the slightest ability to disinfect a toothbrush, think again.

It’s the .1% of germs that survive that you have to worry about. I think using this leads to the growth of superbugs on your toothbrush.

Really - an FDA approved toothbrush, what could be better?

I got one of these in my last Random Crap, brand new and never used. I’ll sell it to you for a $5 Amazon gift card! $5.00 shipped, what a deal!

I’m in for 3. Great guest bath toothbrushes. Bathrooms can be pretty gross with air-born germs flying around too. I’d think any sanitation for your toothbrush/brush-heads would be worth $1.99 plus.

I got one of these in a bag of crap. I gave it to my grandpa, and while he never uses the light, he really likes the toothbrush.

Does this mean I can lose the magnifying glass? It was always frustrating on cloudy days. At least this will save on scorched bristles.

Googling everywhere, I don’t see any proof that it works. Only people claiming it’s healthy etc. It looks perfect for my frequent travel to conference and band trips!

Here’s at least one unreferenced answer on if these work:

The ADA’s position is that they “do not provide a health benefit”, though they seem to state the could work:

In for 2, nonetheless.

Seems the owner of the company that makes it says it’s improved his overall health and well being on an amazon review. That must mean it works!

And further investigation shows the entire company is pretty much a scam product company.

Someone else disscected one of these and it’s 2 AA batteries and a LED. BEWARE THE MIGHTY LED, GERMS!

Good luck selling this one woot.

(Amazon link:

Theoretically, it’s possible for something like this to work. Short-wave UV (i.e., not a “black light”) is known to be a sanitizer. However, short-wave UV is harmful to eyes, and I’m not sure to what extent you can have a bulb that produces such for low power/compact space. And for $1.99…

Awesome dual purpose brush! I can use it to clean the shower grout and then my teeth!

I’ve never been able to understand the reasoning behind toothbrush cases / sterilizers / and such. Shouldn’t the toothpaste that kills the bacteria in my mouth help clean the toothbrush at its time of use?

Gotta love it when shady companies pad reviews. That alone makes me NOT want to buy it

In for 3. If I think it’ll work, it will… (I’ve got to stop watching that Secret DVD).