ZeroDark LED Flare Roadside Safety Puck

ZeroDark LED Flare Roadside Safety Puck

How large are these? How long do the batteries last?

I’ve yet to use mine. I got a set of three of these from Amazon about seven years ago for under $20. Each is about 4" in diameter and 1 1/4" thick. I still have the original batteries in each and they haven’t gone bad so far (stored in the car’s trunk all that time).

But at this price, they don’t make sense. You can still buy a set of three for less than you buy three of these.

The only ones showing up on Amazon are not ZeroDark brand. 7 years ago was a long while back. Got a link for what you are referring to?

Sorry ronhsmith. Not getting heads ups from the forum.

My order has this link:

Mine did not come with the screwdriver and gloves, only three lights, batteries, and carry case. The light pucks seem to be the same as these ZeroDark. So I don’t see the value in these pucks at the sell price.