ZeroWater 23 Cup Water Dispenser

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ZeroWater 23 Cup Water Dispenser
Price: $24.99
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Condition: New


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Anybody know if this comes with any filters at all? I don’t see anyplace where is says it comes with any.

Yes, it comes with one filter. I bought this elsewhere a couple of months ago and the water being dispensed still registers “000”. You need to replace the filter when that rises to “006”.

The problem is the filters are only sold at a remote walk-in jungle hut in Madagascar for $500 each. But wait…make a cash purchase of a dozen or more filters and they’ll be shipped to you for FREE. (Just a slight handling fee of $100 for each filter). So, for a mere $7200 you can have one full year of deliciously filtered water spouting from your brand new $29.00 water dispenser!

I buy zerowater filters on Amazon or Walmart.

Just wire your money to and be sure to include your bank account/password/pin & credit card number

$29.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond with free shipping.

“ZEROWATER QUALITY: Some ZeroWater filters are compatible with other brands of water pitchers. Try switching to ZeroWater if you have used water filters or pitchers from Brita, Pur, Aquagear, Nakii, Waterdrop, Kenmore, Berkey, Fridgidaire, or Aquasana.”

So… Is this compatible with all the Brita filters I already have or nah?

Except the BBB website says it is not available online. Anyway, $24.99 on Woot with free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

Oh stop exaggerating, they are ONLY $150 a dozen!!

Saying ZeroWater filters are compatible with Brita pitchers doesn’t necessarily mean that Brita filters are compatible with the ZeroWater pitcher. Well, I guess it would fit, but probably wouldn’t render the same result. Try it and let us know what the meter says. :slight_smile:

I bought this, it continues to leak nonstop even after readjusting the valve. Guess another Woot! return on my account. I was so excited for this too since I have other Zerowater filters at home.