Zevro Kitchen Accessories

Can these be mounted vertically?

I don’t typically travel with a lot of wine, but one of these wine gloves should fit my aluminum water bottle quite well.

Just a thought…

What’s the difference between the two wine gloves?

The more expensive one comes with the re-freezable cooling gel pack.

You liars! It is totally possible to store 1 spice in the dial-a-spice, not just 2 - 4. You just say that to make people to buy fewer of them, conspiring to sabotage the spice trade which has been a pillar of the world economy for centuries, loosing mere anarchy upon the world!

Oh, wait… I see… One can’t store 1 different spices. That’s debatable, but you get off on a technicality. YOU MAKE ME SO MAD!

Why do they show whole peppercorns in the spice thing, when it doesn’t have pepper grinder?

To make us nuts!

Does anyone know if the Zevro (?) for cans, if the unit is green like shown in the advertisement?
I took a look at specs & it doesn’t list a color.
I never know for sure what color an item is unless it is specified. Sometimes a stock photo is shown & you get a different color of an item?
Any help would be much appreciated
Have a nice weekend, for what is left of it.

Has anyone used one of those pasta cooker thingers? Looks like an interesting idea but wouldn’t the pasta stick together??

Better deal for the zero gravity magnetic spice rack at http://www.smarthome.com/91646/Zero-Gravity-Magnetic-Spice-Rack-12-Can/p.aspx