Zik 2.0 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Do these come with warranty? I’m afraid of them being refurbished. Should I be?

Hello. We always list the warranty at the bottom of the features.

This has a 90-day Woot warranty.

I bought one of these Refurbished Zik 2.0 headsets about 3 months ago when they were last offered.

The glue which holds the interior earcup lining to the foam failed and they came apart. Woot offered me a $15 credit, since it was outside the 30-day return window.

Here’s what that failure mode looks like:

IMHO best Bluetooth headphones on the planet period. End of discussion.

Received the headphones and they were DOA. Will not charge and also showed obvious signs of use. Another “refurbished” item that was probably just reboxed and shipped without testing.

Same thing happened to me.