Zike Bikes

Where is the green one? The description mentions green.

Unfortunately I just don’t think we got any.

You had green ones last week, but I just missed out on one.

Could you PLEASE find out if you’ll be offering lime green ones in the future?


I’m sorry, I doubt I’ll be able to figure it out for sure- we buy up all we can on stuff like this, so if it becomes available to us in the future, we’d likely offer it.

What about translucent? That would be awesome.

Can you buy a translucent one for me, please?!


I have this invisible one here I’ll sell you for $50. Free shipping & immediate delivery.

Can you please find out if you’ll be getting more green ones before I place an order for a color I really would much rather not have, if I can just wait a few weeks for a green one? Please?

I live in the Northeast, so I cannot even ride this for at least a month anyway, so there’s no rush for me to get it now if you’ll be getting lime green ones like you had last week.

Thank you!!!

You could just paint it green…

FYI, here’s a webpage with all the specs for the Zike Saber…


You know, a handy piece of information missing from here and the manufacturer’s website is the height adjustment of the handlebars with or without relation to the elliptical like platforms. I don’t want to be hunched over trying to ride this thing. It’s one thing when your weight is distributed on a bike seat, but something else altogether when you’re carrying and shifting your weight on your feet.

You can get handle bar extensions.

But, where’s the lime green one?

Here is the assembly video - Might want to have a bike shop put it together.

Just buy the yellow one and wear blue-tinted glasses.

Well, Woot offered this in February and earlier this month, and they had the lime green one.

This time, they are offering the Teal Fancy one, but they didn’t offer it in February or earlier this month.

So, they just got the Teal Fancy one (which they are newly offering), so, I would like to know if they will be offering the Lime Green one again.

I mean, if the Teal Fancy one is a new addition, then maybe the Lime Green one can be added in a couple of weeks.

The Teal Fancy was a new acquisition now being offered (if they had it last month and earlier this month, they would have offered it).

So, I would like to know if the Lime Green one will be newly acquired by Woot and offered in the next few weeks before I end up possibly getting a color I don’t really like.

We just won’t know, that’s the risk of buying with us- we won’t know if we’ll get more or never get any more again.

There must be a way to find out. Let me ask you this - do you currently have any Lime Green ones now? I know they weren’t sold out the last time.

If we had them they would be in this sale. If at some point in the future, we are offered more, I’m sure we’ll buy them then, we have no ETA on when/if that will happen.

Thank you.

Paint options aside, does anyone have experience with these things? Like, how are they to ride? How fast can they go? They look like they might be a little slow.