Zike Saber Hybrid Bike (Multiple Colors)

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Zike Saber Hybrid Bike (Multiple Colors)
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Are you selling the bike or the scooter…if it is the bike why is their only a 200 lbs limit on it…the movie shown below is for the scooter…Please explain which one your selling…On amazon the bike is rated for 250 lbs…

Perfect Review over at Kmart with a PDF owner’s manual link

Yeah, it looks like they’re either mostly for kids or skinnybones adults. Here’s their product matrix:


They do look cool though…sigh.

This is the bike, but I have notified the Sports team that they included a potentially misleading video.

I see no seat. Where is the seat. You have to stand up all the time.

Can’t tell if joking or stupid.

Does this come in pieces or put together?

This comes mostly assembled, with only the wheels and handlebars to be put onto the body.

What a stupid product.

Definitely an unrealistic product. PASS!

According to the Q&A on Amazon, there is a report that they will come out with adult versions:

" The Zike website says: Are there adult models? Currently all Zike models are designed for children, however the Saber has a weight limit of 200 lbs (91 kg) and is large enough to support adults 200 pounds or lower. A full line of Zikes for adults will be available in the future; follow us at facebook.com/getziked and twitter.com/getziked for updates. http://zike.net/qa.html "

The product itself weighs 50 lbs. Add a 200 lb person, there’s the 250 rating.

$199 instead of $483 on Amazon? My kids have all outgrown their scooters and hard to get them out on regular bikes…gotta go in for one.

I thought you were joking but I double checked the spec sheet and you’re correct. This thing is incredibly heavy.

Cheap (heavy) mountain bikes only weigh like 35lbs. Why is this small child sized bike-like device so blasted heavy?

Looks like nifty fitness equipment to me, a fun way to vary your workout. I wouldn’t replace my standard bicycle with this, but would complement it.

I saw somebody complete El Tour de Tucson on one of these a couple of years ago. 111 miles in one day. He passed me around mile 11, I passed him again around mile 60.

The only thing more stunning was the guy who did the 43 mile route on a unicycle. No coasting on one of those things.

This might be more more douchey than a reticulated bike, but its a close call.