Zike Saber Hybrid Bike (Multiple Colors)

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Zike Saber Hybrid Bike (Multiple Colors)
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, May 11 to Tuesday, May 12) + transit
Condition: New


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Will you have the Lime Green one ever again? And, how can I get a price match adjustment for the one I bought?

Gather around and learn all about the Zike story

We will have it if it’s ever available for us to buy. We don’t often offer price adjustments, you can try emailing into CS- but the price dropping on future offers is a potential risk of buying from us.

Comments/discussion from a previous offer

I bought one last time and am still waiting for resolution on a missing piece. So as of right now, I am not likely to recommend anyone buy this unless you need an unusable hunk of metal to clutter up your garage. Zike customer service informed me that Woot is not authorized to sell these - that they are “gray market” and have NO WARRANTY!

If you are tall you will probably need a stem riser.

The handle bar grips have Zike in raised lettering which make the Zike painful to ride, so you will probably need to buy foam grips.

You will probably have to buy lights, a bell, and some reflective strips to make it street legal in your town. (See Arrest proof yourself by Dale Carson, section Bikes Yikes!)

$30 cheaper than last time if I remember right.

Assembly was easy enough there was a video online.

I was thinking the same thing! I bought one from Woot not too long ago and paid more then their selling it for now!

Awkward and uncomfortable to ride. Difficult uphill. “Huffy quality” (if that).

Ride before you buy.

In summary… an attention-getter for your next yard sale.

At 200lbs max weight this definitely looks to be a kids only model. No 30something adult males need apply for sure…

Woot? Gray market? Say it ain’t so!

Yup - there will be an attention getting lime green one in my next yard sale, complete with stem riser to make it more ‘comfortable’.

Not too bad on flat pavement, but hills are torture. I can do 40 miles on a bike but a mile on this has me exhausted.

why didn’t you return to Woot?

Magenta? That looks pink to me!

Received no response from Woot. Purchased two; the first one had all the parts; didn’t get to assembling the second one until 3 weeks later.

It is an exercise bike, not transportation. It should be put in the same category as exercise equipment, like a stepper machine.

Rowbike.com has the rowing machine version.

If that were only true. But Zike bills itself as “the AMAZING NEW WAY to ride”.

It goes on to say “Whether you are exploring the great outdoors or commuting to school or the office on your new Zike®, ziking is the revolutionary new method of fun transportation. Enjoy off road trails and paved paths all on the same ziking expedition!”

Caveat: Ride before you buy

I’m not buying any exercise anything that doesn’t have a seat for sittin.
Would someone explain “gray market” please? I’ve never heard that term.

I’ve purchased 3 things from woot that were all fail on delivery. Email to Woot was never replied to. The manufacturer in all 3 instances replied, but told me to contact Woot. Hella circle of indifference. THIS is why I now surf Woot, but don’t purchase Woot.