Zin-Phomaniac Old Vines Zinfandel (5)

Zin-Phomaniac Old Vines Reserve Zinfandel 5-Pack
Sold by: Mendocino Wine Group LLC
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2014 Zin-Phomaniac Reserve Old Vines Zinfandel, Sonoma County

It’s fine line between clever and crass… still not sure on which side this one falls.

Never had a bad Cali Zin off of Woot. In for one, instabuy.

Clever. By far.

But I might just be saying that because I’m a zinner.


First-time Grape Debater here. O the responsibility!

** TL;DR … Immensely drinkable. With a meal or just sipping alone, this Zin is quite pleasurable. My “new” favorite Zin.**

With its teasing name and a label reminiscent of nose art from a WWII warbird, Zin-Phomaniac is an absolute treat.

After sufficient delay to allow my jet-lagged bottle to recover from the cold, I poured my first glass (via aerator) and was immediately graced with a pleasant deep red appearance accompanied by taste of blackberry and hints of raspberry. Good alcohol balance, and lightly sweet, with a spicy finish. Yum.

At dinner I paired this with a DiGiorno pepperoni rising crust pizza. By now the Zin’s character had expanded and was a wee bit more jammy — the perfect accompaniment to my meal.

Later, I relaxed with a glass while watching reruns of The Americans. Despite Elizabeth’s steely haughtiness, the Zin held its own remarkably well.

With a wee bit left for the next day, I enjoyed it alongside a Chick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap. Still delicious, my only complaint was that the bottle was gone all too quickly.

Many thanks for the opportunity to play a role in this offer!

Entertaining web site:


From reading reviews of their other wines/vintages seems the reserve is in a fruitier/jammier style. woottoady seems to suggest this as well. I like them a little more restrained, maybe a few more notes pop up.

Any chance this would arrive before New Year’s?

Kudos to the woot graphics department for including the back label shot we’ve frequently inquired about.

Would love to take credit but that’s vendor art. We don’t shoot as much of the product as we used to.


I got to sample this early (thanks Woot!). I’m definitely not an expert, but I can give a few thoughts -

The nose seemed pretty dry to me, but the first sip hits with some good spice, and there’s a nice sweet finish. I drank it with pizza (I know, not the fanciest of pairings), but it went well with food. I’m usually not a sweet wine person, but this wine surprised me with the spicy notes.

We are happy to introduce our ZinPhomaniac Reserve Zinfandel wine to Wine Woot!!

This wine has a varietal composition of:
94% Zinfandel
3% Grenache
3% Petite Sirah

Hello, We can not guarantee that this will arrive by the New Year’s holiday.

Zinfandel wine is great when paired with any meat, from barbeque pork ribs, leg of lamb or a big, hearty meal. Of course, this wine pairs fabulous with everything!

I’ll be in my bunk.


That’s all well and good, but how will it pair with my Ramen Noodles?

I noticed several mentions of sweetness. Is there resudual sugar or is that just referring to the fruit-forward character of the wine?

The residual sugar for this wine is: 0.4g/100mL