Zinfandelabration! (We <3 ZAP)



Zinfandelabration! (We <3 ZAP)

Gamba Winery Russian River Zinfandel 2-Pack
$55.99 (Normally $87.92) 36% off List Price
2010 Gamba ‘Family Ranches’ Zinfandel, Russian River Valley

Chatom Vineyards Calaveras County Zinfandel 6-Pack
$89.99 (Normally $145.30) 38% off List Price
2008 Zinfandel, Calaveras County

Chase Cellars Hayne Vineyard Zinfandel Vertical 3-Pack
$89.99 (Normally $151.30) 41% off List Price
2007 Hayne Vineyard Zinfandel, Napa Valley
2008 Hayne Vineyard Zinfandel, Napa Valley
2009 Hayne Vineyard Zinfandel, Napa Valley

Alexander Valley Vineyards Redemption Zinfandel 6-Pack
$99.99 (Normally $158.00) 37% off List Price
2009 Redemption Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley

D Cubed Napa Valley/Howell Mountain Zinfandel 3-Pack
$74.99 (Normally $124.25) 40% off List Price
2007 Howell Mountain Zinfandel
2008 Korte Ranch, St. Helena Zinfandel



The Alexander Valley Vineyards Zinfandel pictured is the Redemption while the description on the page states Temptation. Which is it?


why oh why did this have to come after the woot off…


They care for neither your wallet nor your liver!


Woot! Chatom Vineyards is in the house, y’all… and we are stoked to be a part of this Zinfandelabration. Let’s hear your questions, rants, raves, funny jokes… We love any chance to bug our winemaker. Cheers!


Welcome Chatom! Thanks for stopping by! Excited to have these great Zin producers on Woot!


If I could get a mixed case, I’d be all over this, mad wifey be damned. As it is, I’ll get something, but much harder to choose. Great stuff here.


I was in SF last year at this time, and I went to the grand ZAP tasting. I don’t think I’ve ever been at a crazier wine event. It’s so huge, there are so many people, and so many wines, that it wasn’t a great environment for tasting in.

On the plus side, all the great Zin makers are there and are usually tasting across their whole range of Zins. So if you go with a plan and push your way in, you can try the Zins you want to try.

Judging by how the crowd looked later in the tasting time period, I’d say a lot of people were there more for the drinking than for the tasting.


I am going to be up tasting on W Dry Creek Road tomorrow. Was looking to see if I could stop by Gamba, but it doesn’t appear they have a TR. There was no mention on the website about appointments either.


We tend to avoid these events, even including winter wineland, barrel tasting weekends, etc… for the same reason. Most folks are just there to drink and it gets really annoying. The concentration is nice, but its not worth the pushing and shoving anymore.

Our only exception is Dark and Delicious now, which has also been getting more and more crowded each year. So far it has not suffered from the over imbibing though, at least not that I have noticed.


Gamba Video Plus some tasting notes


Appears this is for the 2009 not the 2010 offered though.


Good to see Chatom on Woot! They’re just up the road from Twisted Oak and very nice folks. I remember they had a broad selection of wines but not the specifics probably due to that fact.


It’s been a long time since Chase was here. LOVE their PS, love their zins, and glad to see them back!


Redemption. Fixed; apologies.


Thanks. Neil. Wow.


Thanks. Neil. Wow.

I was asking not criticising. Thanks. I might buy…



lotta stuff, just trying to help out.


Okay. Anybody have any experiences with any of these wines? I’m curious on some of them. Thanks!