Zing DeskTop Sports Chip Shotz Golfer

A couple of nice ratings on Amazon

Will this work if I’m left-handed?

dawg… this is the most LEGIT office entertainment ever…!

Woot writers could have taken this joke a lot further.
I can haz disappoint.

The video sold me…lots of fun desktop entertainment!

My wife bought me one of these for Christmas year before last. I have to admit, when I opened the box I thought it was going to be lame. But, I love it. It is amazing how well it works. I have it on a bookshelf in my office and everyone comes in here and plays with it from time to time. I have even caught my boss in here playing with it. Plus, this is a great deal. I think my wife paid about $18 for this at a toy store.

I bought 2 of these last time around and they have been a hit. Folks stop by my desk everyday at the office for a couple swings. Even sold the second one to someone who just couldn’t live without his own. The set works remarkably well, and that’s always the first comment after someone’s first try. A great stocking stuffer or small gift for a golfer, a trinket collector, the guy at work who always has toys on his desk, kids too (assuming they’re old enough to not eat the balls…)

Worth nothing that this is a buck cheaper than the last posting. The last one was a 2-for-Tuesday that came to $9.99, so you’re instead of $4.98 per toy, you’re paying $3.99.

Also worth nothing that in the 2-for-Tuesday, you got 1 golf and 1 football. I have both sets on my desk - Everyone has tried both at some point, but I couldn’t tell you the last time someone bothered with the football one. So, not only are you saving a buck, you’re skipping over the crappy one :slight_smile:

No Doubt. Should come with a screaming banshi wife with a 2 Iron, or waffle house waitress on the 19th Hole.

I’ve had one of these in the office for awhile now… i find your coffee cup makes for an equally challenging ‘hazard’ when you play on your ‘break time’… even more so if you leave some ‘day old’ starbucks in it…

Another YouTube video…


Looks like fun to me. In for 3.

Wow, can’t wait to see these.
should be fun.

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