Zint Premium Collagen Peptides (32oz)

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Zint Premium Collagen Peptides (32oz)
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Any idea what the shelf-life or expiration date is on this item?

Says: Expiration Date: August 2022

I got some last time this was offered. At first, there seemed to be no taste, but then it started to come through and it wasn’t overly pleasant. It seems to work best if put into something savory or strongly flavored, like Tomato Juice, or, best of all, a hot, tomato basil soup. Unfortunately, it seems my digestive system doesn’t get along too well with it, so it’s not something I can take everyday.

I have been using this brand of collagen for a couple years. You have to be careful how you add it to your drinks or it will clump up (and it doesn’t really unclump). It’s basically tasteless - so I add it to everything - soup, hot chocolate, smoothies.

Since I have been using this, my hair is growing out of control. I used to barely get it past my shoulders, now it’s almost all the way down my back. Same with my nails - I swear they grow long overnight.

I love this stuff.

Is this a female orientated product, or does it do something spiffy for men?

hey… look… It’s ‘Amy Balsam’ from Amazon.

[MOD: Yeah. I deleted the post. The info was from a verified purchaser on Amazon though.]

Was interested for my nails and just overall collagen improvement, but I definitely DO NOT need my hair growing any faster. The bills for my colorist are already insane!

This is by far the sportiest and outdoorsiest collagen supplement I’ve ever seen.

My understanding is that collagen is also important in joints. So something of interest to weightlifters and/or people with squeaky joints in general…


What types of collagen does this contain? 1, 2, 3?

Types 1 & 3.

And collagen in general is helpful to cartilage and tendon health. And oddly, in contrast to the one person’s comment, should be helpful to the gut, not cause distress.

And if I were a woman, I think I’d take the improved hair growth (if it’s even noticeable) in return for the improvements in the skin. Think the cost of dermabrasion and peels would be more expensive than any extra trip to get the hair colored. Unless you’re trying to hide the gray. I’ll take a little gray over better skin any day.