ZinZig Wine Tasting & Trivia Board Game

ZinZig Wine Tasting & Trivia Board Game
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Some good reviews from Mother Ship, and a good price from WD as well.

ZinZig HOME PAGE says this *requires * wine consumption! Win!
But given *
What do I need to play ZinZig™?
You will need 2-3 bottles of wine, depending on the number of players or your experience level. For 2-3 players/teams or people with limited wine knowledge, we recommend 2 bottles of wine. For 4-6 players/teams or people who are very familiar with the wine world, we recommend 3 bottles of wine. *
not sure it would hold up to any of our typical gatherings.

Sounds like you use the wine in the game for Blind Wine tasting. Which would be fun for our “smaller” gatherings. :wink:

Perhaps some monkey will deliver three bottles along with this game for a future event?

Considering this, if for no other reason than find a good excuse to educate our friends a little on wine. With that said, for almost the same price (actually less after shipping), Cards Against Humanity might go a lot better with the wine…

EDIT: Bowtie, I think this game was made for you.

Buy that game.

Anyone played this? My brother is a (look, I just can’t think of a better term) wine snob and I can’t decide if he’ll think this is awesome or silly and dumb.


I don’t think this is geared for those of us who call ourselves “snobs.” It could be fun, though.

Yup, start with this…

…and progress to this. Great evening.
My first introduction to Cards was at a rather debauched evening @ klez’s.

He really likes games, and trivia. He just really knows his wines. If the trivia isn’t right, he’ll hate it.

Not sure I need an excuse to get drunk…on the finest wines.

Fizz Buzz
Game Type: Drinking Pub Game
Plenty of people
One person starts counting and it moves around the group. Everytime it gets to a multiple of 5 (eg 35) that player must say ‘fizz’ instead of the number, then it carries on. Everytime it gets to a number with 7 in it (eg 17, 27, 72) that player must say ‘buzz’ instead of the number. If any number falls into both categories then the palyer must say ‘fizzbuzz’.
Heres an example:
Player 1: 1
Player 2: 2
Player 3: 3
Player 4: 4
Player 1: Fizz
Player 2: 6
Player 3: Buzz
Player 4: 8
Player 1: 9
Player 2: Fizz etc…
Any person who gets it wrong in any way (they forget to say fizz or buzz or they say the missed out number) has to drink a designated amount of alcohol. The more you drink, the harder it gets!

If you buy three can you send them to differnat adderess?

You would have to place three separate orders (aka pay shipping three times) in order to do that.

Speaking of shipping, how ~will~ this ship?
From WCC or an unknown fullfillment center where we have absolutely no idea which carrier will be used.

I don’t want this ending up on a carrier heading off to an incorrect address that may have difficulty accepting it.

My brother in law is a sommelier. Will this game be too basic for him? Or is it fun even for people who basically know everything about wine?

Judging from the sample questions I saw on the game’s website, it would be too basic for him.

Has anyones shipped yet?

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