Zip-up Hoodies?

Does anyone know if shirt.woot takes design submissions for zip-up hoodies? I know I’ve seen pull-over hoodies for sale on the site before; Just wondering if they ever do zip-ups. Thanks!

Yup! You can totally send us a design that works on a tee and zip-hoodie as a daily submission. Sorry for the late response here, I check these forums whenever I can!

No problem. Cool! Is there a template for the zip-up hoodies I can download? Ideally something Inkscape friendly? =D

I emailed you one just now. I think you can open Ai files in Inkscape, just like you can open PSD files with GIMP. I unno, give it a try.

In my limited experience, I have struggled to open .ai files in inkscape, but illustrator can save as .svg files and they can be opened in inkscape. Alternatively, Illustrator can also save as a pdf that inkscape can import and get various vector elements out of usually.

BTW ochopika I am loving the Nice Shirt Podcasts … learning heaps through them and enjoying the fun. Thanks!