Zipbuds CHOICE Over-The-Ear Headphones

FYI - Nice product and service. Bought a pair here last year, the “stop” on the earpiece rotator snapped within the warranty period. We might have glued it back but I contacted the MFG with a photo and they sent replacement pair. 2nd pair working now almost a year later. Not enough to say how they are customer service oriented. great company and product.

Despite being called studio “over the ear” headphones, there is nothing over the ear about them. They press tightly against my ears and don’t feel anything like any of the studio over the ear headphones I’ve used in my day. Maybe if I was three, I’d be able to edit video and or jam out to some serious beats… But I’m not three, and calling them over the ear is false advertising at its finest - unless I’ve got seriously big ears (which I don’t) or this is just a VERY bad defect.

Just a heads up to any future potential buyers.