Zipz Premium Wine Anywhere

Zipz Premium Wine Anywhere - (Your Choice)
In the box:
Zipz Premium Wine Anywhere Mixed 24-Pack, includes–
(6) 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, 187 ml
(6) 2013 Pinot Grigio, 187 ml
(6) 2012 Merlot, 187ml
(6) 2012 Chardonnay, 187 ml
Zipz Premium Wine Anywhere Mixed Red 24-Pack, includes–
(12) 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, 187 ml
(12) 2012 Merlot, 187ml
Zipz Premium Wine Anywhere Mixed White 24-Pack, includes–
(12) 2013 Pinot Grigio, 187 ml
(12) 2012 Chardonnay, 187 ml


As seen on Shark Tank

No. No no no no no.


I have seen a number of options for single serving wine in stores and on TV through the likes of shark tank. So I was skeptical of these since I figured there was no way these wines would be any good.

So here’s the run down.

Friday night after dinner
2013 Pinot Grigio
No designation or AVA on the wine.
Its a pale straw yellow that is sediment free. A moderate young nose of very mild apple. It also comes across as a little grapey. (yes, I know its grape juice) On the palate its a got a slight bit of sweetness, light bodied, crisp and zero tannins. The balance is fair but the wine is a bit bland. Flavors are mild green apple, some lemon and a hint of minimality. The finish is a bit tart which goes along with the crispness of the wine. As the wine warmed it got a bit more expressive to me but still overall a bit bland. My wife likes pinot grigio and she sampled it and liked it. This to me was the wine I liked the least in the set.

2012 Chardonnay
No designation or AVA on the wine.
Color is a medium yellow\gold, wine is clear and free of sediment. This wine still smelled fairly young and was a moderate nose. Aromas are peaches, green apple and vanilla. On the tongue the wine tasted dry, light/medium bodied and had nice acidity, and no tannins were present. The flavors on the tongue are green apple, honeydew and a bit of grassyness in the medium length finish. I would peg this a modern chard. but the oak usage is very minimal and its not a butter bomb, in face zero butter. It starts out very smooth and finishes tart with some nice acid making your mouth water. This was my 2nd favorite wine of the set.

Saturday Night with dinner
2012 Merlot
No designation or AVA on the wine.
The wine is a deep clear red and has no sediment, It has a big young nose of plum, raspberry a bit of cassis, some oak and some alcohol. On the tongue the wine is dry, full/medium bodied, good acidity and medium soft tannins. The is fairly balanced with everything on the more modern side but nothing standing out as out of control. The flavors on the tongue are the same as the nose minus the oak. The finish is medium in length. Over time the oak blew off on the nose which made the wine more enjoyable overall. To me the weight and flavor profile felt more like a light cab than a merlot and I wouldn’t be surprised if its as much as 20% cab. This was my favorite wine of the set.

2010 Cabernet
No designation or AVA on the wine.
Wine is a clear medium red, with a moderate youthful nose full of cassis, green olive, cherry and blackberry, the nose also has a stemmy quality about it. The wine is dry, medium\full bodied and is crisp on tongue. Wine presents itself with low hard tannins, and flavors of cassis, green olive, pepper and blackberry. It finishes with some tartness and is medium in length. The nose felt a little disjointed to me, it carries both a red and black fruit profile. The wine felt a bit more traditional in style. It could have also suffered from being a hair under ripe. This was my 3rd favorite wine from the set.

My overall impressions on the concept and wines.

I like the packaging, its well designed, its light but sturdy and it all fits together well. I think these would do really well at sporting events and might be a good choice for a picnic if you don’t want to lug separate glasses with you. I wouldn’t buy these for home use. It simply doesn’t make any sense. Unless you need an artificial barrier to over consumption. The labels could use a designation like for example California. I could be drinking wine from anywhere, I would never know.

The wine is a mixed bag, it was all very drinkable. The merlot stood out among the others as the better wine and it seemed to drink above its SRP. The others were right on SRP. Nothing great and nothing bad either. But overall better than what I was expecting.

Generally good or generally bad?

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I don’t care how good it did on shark tank, I want to know how good the wine is. 24 glasses is basically 6 bottles, but if it’s nasty, it doesn’t matter how cool the packaging is

The monkey set a sampler of these our way recently. DW had the chard and the cab, and we shared the merlot and the gris.

First to the chardonnay. DW likes chardonnay, with tendencies for more more malo and oak than I prefer. As a point of reference she often brings home La Crema or similar from Safeway as a mid-week chard quaffer for herself. Her comment was that it was an average chardonnay, sitting in between the two styles that we enjoy. She didn’t pick up anything notable or noteworthy. For her it was a passable chard, but nothing she would ever seek out.

She had similar feelings about the cabernet. She said not intensely fruity. Not a bad cab; just ordinary with nothing that jumped out to her that would make her seek it out again.

We both tried the grigio. Both of us found it to be very thin - she said “watery” and I agreed immediately. I’ve never tasted anything like it in a grigio, and I certainly never hope to again. Save your money and buy Charles Shaw instead.

We both found the merlot to be enjoyable. DW said it was the best of the four. On first opening it struck me as a pedestrian merlot. After about five minutes it opened up, the flavors and nose intensified greatly. I’m not much of a merlot drinker, but given a bit of time this was a decent quaffer.

Because a cork is WAY TOO MUCH TROUBLE!

Is it just me or Whhaatt Thee HeII???

I agree.

And another note on the packaging. I found the wines were much more expressive in a real wine glass. The nearly full to the rim plastic glass did the wine no favors.

This is going to be selling through Costco soon for much less per unit. I would wait.

I’ve tasted a couple of these and few other products like them. I feel like the purpose of these is to pass as a drinkable wine to anyone no matter your taste. Yes you can snob out and use your fancy wino lingo on me but I’m right. This is the stuff they’ll sell at a game or show. It’s cheap, it’s bland, and it’s easy to drink even for those who don’t love wine. No notable flavors or after tastes make it easy to sell and the packaging makes it easy to serve. Is it great wine? no. Is it good wine? no. is it passable wine to 95% of the public? yes.

OH wow. A BOC on Wine Woot. Historic.

This should have been featured on Thursday.

How do you know this?
I know the shark tank deal was predicated on them getting into Costco but how do you know what the price is going to be?

I was going to purchase these just to celebrate Drew Bledsoe getting the law in MA changed to allow shipping wine to Tom Brady (which, in turn allows me to have wine shipped to me, since they couldn’t make it too obvious they were playing favorites!), and the recent reversal of the knee-jerk banning of gaspump handle locks because of the great “static gonna burn ya a$$!” panic of the 1970’s (was it Minnesota where it was all the rage to set yourself (and your car) on fire at the pump? Thanks MN!), but Amazon is still living in the dark ages with their shipping policies, apparently. Could you ask them nicely to update said policies, Woot? Thanks!

yum…plastic tasting wine.

What a clever idea. I am very tempted to order a set of these.

Unfortunately, woot still has to purchase a $300 direct shipping license from the state, and there are delivery truck permit issues as well. I know, I’m tired of ignoring wine.woot :frowning:

[MOD: Each WINERY has to purchase a license, not Woot. ]