Zmodo 16CH/8Cam Surveillance System



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Zmodo 16CH/8Cam Surveillance System
$269.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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You don’t want to see what I am doing…


Great deal but this was just up a few days ago.


I bought this last year and it ended my marriage.


Bag of crap next?


Those days are over…


Can I use this to spy on my government while they spy on me?


What happens if you need longer wires? RCA extensions I guess? Oh and if I got this, and someone broke into my house, wouldn’t they just steal the box with the hard drive?


Does Woot even do BOC anymore?


Does this work with bluetooth?


6 sold, 19 to go.

I am amazed that anyone would ‘impulse buy’ a security system like this.


“Cleaning your room?”


Here’s my advice: this is a fairly decent setup for the money, however! I have had much better success with both the image quality and the longevity of “professional” style box cameras put into weatherproof enclosures, and that operate at 24 volts instead of 12. It will cost a little more, but I think you will find the results are significantly better.


How hard is this to add a hard drive to after purchasing without one?


i SEE this for much less HERE:

i remember when woot meant something. now, not so much.


Really? When and why? I guess it’s been too long since I’ve last wootoff’d.


What system do you recommend?