Zmodo 2 or 4 Camera CCD Security System

These are great for letting others spy on your home/business/etc without your permission.

(actually Zmodo claims their products from 2011 and later shouldn’t be as vulnerable to “the same” intrusions as the numerous similar brands, but it still might be wise to keep tabs on the situation as it develops since it doesn’t state which year’s model these were).

The workaround for vulnerable models, which these might not be, is to turn off uPNP on your router (even though doing so can cause problems with PSN, XBox Live, or Cisco VPN clients, etc) and don’t forward any ports to the camera system. That prevents you from accessing your own cameras remotely though.

Can any of these cameras be used outdoors?


everything you wanted to know about the ZMD-DD-SAN4 - Full D1 4CH Standalone DVR from the manufacturer website.

Nevermind…shoulda read the description to find out they’re all weatherproof…

sorry if i’m dense. i’m tired of re-reading the description. what are my options here? what’s the difference between:

Your choice of: four cameras (two bullet & two dome) OR two bullet cameras, and video + power cables and a 12V DC power supply

does the 2 bullet cameras set not come with video+power cables?

i vote this description sucks. i think they probably dont mean that but i don’t want to put my money out on that hunch.

Slightly confusing, yes, but just look at specs tab for more detail.

It seems fairly clear they meant something more like:
“Your choice of: four cameras (two bullet & two dome) OR two cameras (two bullet cameras). Each camera includes video + power cables. Includes 12V DC power supply.”

You can choose between

  • 4-Cameras: (2) Bullet Cameras & (2) Dome Cameras ~or~

  • 2-Cameras: (2) Bullet Cameras


My girlfriend would be interested in this. Ever since burglars broke into her home a few months ago, she’s been very concerned about security.

I’m not terribly tech savvy but thought the purpose of a DVR is to record but this says a separate (not included) hard drive is necessary to record. So what’s the purpose of the DVR?

“Supports up to 2TB 3.5” SATA hard drive (hard drive not included). A hard drive is not needed when using cameras for surveillance, but is required when using DVR for recording camera images"

I can’t find an iOS app for this.

I’m intersted in using an iPad as a monitor/display while at home. $140 seems pretty decent for 4 cams and a dvr.

L:eft hand frame of products pages:

Android and Apple

Also free 3rd party, which also supports Blackberry

Hi, all can anybody recommend a wireless camera setup that I can view on the interent to keep track of my elderly mother that lives by her self… thanks all

Can’t personally recommend this but this has pretty good reviews on Amazon and was on sale yesterday for $70 (sorry - sale is over):
Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (Black)

The Features tab says you get 60 ft. cables. The Specs page says you get 25 ft. cables. Which is it?

I bought a Zmodo system from Woot a while back and I’m not happy with the DVR’s firmware. Menu’s were very slow and counter-intuitive.

In a word: tedious.

Even though I have money sunk into this one, I’ll buy a different brand in the future.

I did some [quick] looking and couldn’t find any alternate firmware or something similar. But I did find a fellow that has been able to get the video stream(s) from these DVR units into the ZoneMinder software (Linux video camera security and surveillance solution).

I don’t have a Zmodo DVR to try this with, but I think I’ll pick one of these up and check it out.

Here’s a link to the forum post about it:

In relation to the hacking issues, UPNP is for amateurs. It should always be disabled and you should manually configure port forwarding as needed so you know what’s coming and going on your router. If you’re too lazy to manage your network properly, you deserve to be hacked.

I 2nd this. 25ft is very different than 60ft.