Zmodo 4-Channel 720p Camera sPoE NVR Security System

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Zmodo 4-Channel 720p Camera sPoE NVR Security System
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Caveat emport, etc.

Once upon a time I purchased a similara Zmodo system off woot. It was marginal in most regards. The cameras were OK, the UI for the hardware itself worked, but little worked as intended. The motion detection didn’t work. Accessing the stream remotely over the network worked, but only worked with IE. Really. Also, the OS made constant ARP requests, every second IIRC, stupid stupid noise (the cams weren’t IP-based, they were hardwired, so no need for that) and also kept making NTP requests to a server a freakin’ China. No way to turn that off, did it if DNS server were defined or not. Support couldn’t even understand my questions about these two issues. Want to record? BYOHD, but they recommend against a consumer, off the shelf drive and instead suggest a specific type that can handle 24/7 recording.

Overall, cameras plug in and send an image back to the hardware. But, likewise overall, if you want more, you’re likely going to find Zmodo comes up short.

Some newegg reviews;
No HDD included:

1TB Included:

Probably worth viewing the Questions+Answers section as well.

With that said, as zappaman1999 noted, the deal isn’t necessarily that great. The 1TB newegg model is only $20 more on newegg ($15 if you count woot’s $5 shipping), but the no-HDD model is a good $50 less so that’s not as bad if you have a spare drive laying around.

Now my own opinions as someone who has used and installed a fair few Zmodo kits, their hardware is usually pretty good, very rarely ever had any actual failures, even had a D1 system last outdoors for a good 4~ years up until this summer when I finally replaced it with something far more modern.

Edit: I should prob put some emphasis on the fact I live in valley-area in PA, so our outdoor weather can vary from extremely hot and humid in summer to below 0°F temps in the winter, with plenty of wetness year 'round.

However their software end of things usually leaves a lot to be desired, both on systems you’ll monitor from remotely as well as the firmware on the NVR’s themselves generally.

All in all, zmodo kits are generally a decent middle budget ground if you want something that can otherwise function and act as a visible deterrent but not necessarily give you much ease of use.

Does anybody have the temperature specs for the camera? In my experience, many of these cameras are only rated to near 0F which might be ok in warmer areas but here it can get to be -20F. I want to know if the camera is advertised to work at -20F.

I have this exact system. Bought it from Amazon almost a year ago. It’s good for the money, but there is better out there for more money. I can access remotely and the DVR holds about 15 days at full res with all 4 cameras.You can store a lot more if you lower the picture quality. I had the HD fail and Zmodo was great about replacing it at no charge. I’m pretty sure mine came with a 3 year warranty. The motion detection sucks. Picks up tree shadows before it picks up people. Like they say, you get what you pay for. Worth it though if you’re on a budget. I had to buy mine in a pinch because someone was trying to steal packages off of my front porch. This system put a stop to that.

I have the same system going on 3 years now. My POE switch inside the dvr needs resetting about every other day as the cameras become non responsive randomly between them. I would install an injector or replace the internal switch if i could but reading on the interwebs it is a proprietary switch/cable wiring scheme and i cant seem to find someone else who has successfully done this. I have mine set to record on motion detect and get about a month of recording out of it. It can auto overwrite but I prefer to format drive about every 2-3 months as there was a known bug with how many times it would overwrite drive before a format was needed.
overall its good enough for the money. Cheaper than a lot of others and is easy to install with the POE setup. I just setup mine on port forwarding on my router and bam. My only complaint is once you have 4 channels you will want 8… Also I have had a hell of a time exporting video from it when it recorded some kids throwing rocks at my dog over the fence. Not sure why but i did. It didnt like my usb drives


I work with Zmodo and I wanted to answer your question. The specs at state that the operating temperature is 14-122 degrees F. We use these cameras at our distribution center in Illinois through tough Midwestern winters and haven’t had a problem. When using the cameras outside, you should protect the network port connection on the cameras. You can use electrical tape with some kitchen plastic wrap underneath to protect the cables from the messy adhesive on the tape.

OK - sorry I have to ask before I spend any more money on things I can’t figure out once I get it… The cameras are mounted and hard wired - so how difficult is it to have the 4 wires run to the one box??? That’s a lot of wires to end up in one location and I assume are threaded through door jams or have to drill through external walls??? Some specifics on set up would REALLY be appreciated. Do I need to hire a carpenter? THANKS!

I would recommend that anyone who purchases this system goes to NAPA or other auto parts store and purchases some heat shrink tubing sleeves to go around the Ethernet cable camera connection. This will ensure that your connection stays in and stays dry.

That is a very good recommendation. That is much cleaner than electrical tape.

Does anyone see the pizza ladder on their woot app? It says that it is sold out. What is up with that?

I do NOT see the sold out… still available

I picked up a competitive unit from Newegg on Black Friday weekend. $299 for 8-port NVR, 4 1080p IP cameras, and four 100-foot rolls of cat5e cable. Also got a 2tb purple HDD (surveillance grade) for $79. The cameras alone typically sell for around $120 each. The same system with six 1080p cameras typically sells for $898. I had planned to buy the system from Amazon, but they didn’t have a deal and Newegg did. C’est la vie…

I have a drop ceiling in my basement, so running cable wasn’t too bad. It helps if you can crimp your own cable ends, because then you use a smaller drill bit to get the cable through the walls.

Brick house? Still trying to figure out HOW to actually set up and if I would have to hire someone???

If you don’t know how to wire it up, hire a professional to do it. Yes, I did have to drill thru walls and thru small blocks near the eaves (from the attic) to near the camera locations. It just takes effort and time. This POE camera system is very easy to hook up, I use new 8-wire standard CAT5e cables, (Crimp my own connectors) the wires that comes with it only has 4-wires, I tossed it to be recycled.

I also used a 2TB WD Purple drive, which is made for security camera recordings.

Usually stores like Harbor Freight also have them, longer and cheaper. It’s like $1.50 a roll or something similar. Works just well.

I had a post all typed up for you, but Woot kicked me out, made me sign in again, and everything had disappeared. Not doing it again…

How timely. The impulse to buy is strong.
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We really need this.

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