Zmodo 4-Channel All-in-One sPoE NVR Kit

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Zmodo 4-Channel All-in-One sPoE NVR Kit
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6/28/2014 - $199.99 - Click To See Discussion (23 comments)

Comments from a previous offer

I have had this unit for about 6 months and sent back all 4 cameras for repair for different reason (IR, Water in cam, RJ45 failed). The NVR box works well. You MUST connect cams to the NVR. Cams say POE, but that is only when it is connected to this box. You can use 3rd party software for recording the cams.
The Cams do take great video but there is no network storage option. To view the cams via web you must use Internet Explorer. to save videos from web you must “run as” Admin.
Would I buy this again… No but it did record my neighbors house get broken in to. So better than nothing.

Newegg has it for $278.99 and it includes a 1TB HDD.
Sooooo, this ain’t bad since you can get a 1TB HDD for about $50!

Why are the comments not accessible from yesterday’s Freedom POP phone? The 5/18 entry is missing under Electronics woot community.

its under the woots plus tab. I did notice there are fewer comments than there were earlier in the day yesterday on that thread.

Ok- thanks for directing me. I didn’t think to even look there since it was the primary item on electronics woot yesterday. It’s weird it would reside under that tab.

Is this a good option though? I had a recent break in and so my wife and I have been looking for a good camera system.

I’ve paid less for an 8 camera zmodo set up from dailysteals and other deal of the day websites. This hardly seems like a good direction to do.

I bought this for $199.99 when it first started but now that it’s the morning it dropped down to $179.99. I haven’t been on woot in a while, is this standard practice now?

[MOD: Yes, we lowered the price. That money will fly back in your pocket soonish.]

I’ve had this system about 4 months. Purchased from Amazon for around $220. The system is well worth the price simply for the video clarity (exceptional), and ease of installation and setup.

The problem is the software. UGH!

The software is good enough for basic operation, but it is non-intuitive, and help through Zmodo is almost non-existant. Some functions of the SW don’t work, and others claim they don’t when they do.

Worst of all, the system totally destroys my ATT Uverse wireless video network. At least once/per day, I had to reset the ATT WAP and all receivers. Because of this, I’ve totally removed it from my network. This means remote monitoring is not available.

So, for a basic system with a great price-point and simple installation, this is a hands-down winner, but all the features the manufacturer claims are available is not reality. It just isn’t possible, because the SW is sooooo bad.


Oh… I saw a Samsung 4 camera PoE system at Sam’s Club the other day that was only about $150 more. Played with it for a bit, and the SW looked much, much better.

Make sure you make and run your own CAT5 cables.

Thanks for the review. I picked up a wireless Foscam IP camera a couple weeks ago which has been just “OK” so far and it was $90. I’d like to see how a semi-decent set like this stacks up. We have a good security system, dogs and a sturdy-ass brick house so this is more just to monitor the alley and back yard where I think we’ve had some people try to come in through the fence gate.

I have this system I agree the software/DVR are kinda junk. The DHCP server inside the DVR will throw you absolute fits. The cables included will really make you mad… check them well. Another tip is the firmware needs to be upgraded on a camera by camera basis… so log into the web interface on the camera to do this NOT the DVR. ie only as the other poster said. The picture is amazing… great little cameras

I purchased this about 8 months ago, it sat in my closet for about 5 months before I finally installed it. Installation was simple and the camera quality is excellent. I have had no issues whatsoever with the cameras. Everything works well.

I’m considering this for my husband for Father’s Day…but hate the idea of having to use Internet Explorer. Is this for sure?

What model? You probably bought an analog camera system and not an IP based system. Apples/Oranges.

The video quality of IP based system is generally going to be better than an analog system unless you have a higher end HD-SDI DVR and cameras, and the IP system is still probably going to be better.

Yes IE is the only browser you can view them in but to be honest I always view them on my phone so it’s no big deal.

Have you tried QOS and limiting its connection on the network?

Just bought one, now I want to get an HDD to store the video on. What speed hard drive should I be looking at? I’d like to go cheap on this if possible.