Zmodo 4-Channel All-in-One sPoE NVR Kit

I see nothing about these cameras being able to see at night and record. Can they and do they have night vision or something like that ?

Specs say they have night vision up to 65 feet.

I just looked for a hard drive that was specifically for video recording, they are available. I think i spent $50 for 500gb. Which with 4 cameras has 3 months of retention.

The software is terrible, but you can use this system along side other NVR software because the cameras use a standard protocol called ONVIF
I have this system now and the video quality is excellent. I’m ordering a second one so I can add more cameras.

Also… here is an article I wrote up using NVR software called Xeoma that works well with these cameras.

Is that dongle on the back of the camera removable? If not, it looks like you’ll have to drill a hole about 6x the size of a standard ethernet cable in your wall…

Does anyone know how to go about installing the HDD? It wouldn’t be as simple as opening it up and plugging it would it? I hope so.

Found the answer…in the user manual…der.

Does anyone know whether you can change the bitrate/framerate/resolution to get more or less recording time on the DVR?

I have had this system for about 6 months as well and absolutely love it!
It hooked up easy and we love being able to clearly view what is going on around the outside of the house at all times. To answer your question, I have never used internet explorer for anything with this system. I’ve used their app to view with my smart phone, which works wonderfully. I actually aimed one of the cameras at a birds nest the last month and the kids have loved watching the eggs hatch and the baby birds grow. I log in on my phone anywhere and view live feed. Love it!

try youtube